Tips and Tricks to Succeed in Olympiads

Olympiad exams are the most sought-after competitions for school students. Students who participate in these exams get all-round development and become better prepared to undertake bigger academic challenges. If you are aiming to top the next Olympiad, we have some tips and tricks for you to follow in this article. 

About Indian Talent Olympiad

Students from Class 1 to Class 10 can participate in Olympiads. Several organizations conduct Olympiad exams in various subjects. One of them is Indian Talent Olympiad, a well-known Olympiad platform/center that brings together talented minds. Based out of Mumbai, this company has an expertise of almost a decade in the educational domain. It has a team of experts which ensures that learning happens in the best possible way. 

What’s The Use Of Online Test Series, How Is It Conducted?

Indian Talent Olympiad offers online test series, conducted on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. These weekly exams can be attempted on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers which have a front camera. Some of the key highlights of these Olympiad tests include – audio recording, instant image capture, instant video recording, easy eye-ball recognition feature, and multi-browser detection. The test duration is 25 minutes, in which students are expected to answer 30 multiple-choice questions

How Can You Register?

These test series ensure regular practice of subjects before the final Olympiad exams. Students can opt for these test series and be prepared well in advance. To register for these exams today, CLICK HERE. Final Olympiads are scheduled to be held in two slots, in December 2020 and February 2021. Students can choose any of the two slots and appear for the Olympiad.

What Subject Choices Do You Have?

The online test series is available in the following subjects: 

  1. International Science Olympiad (ISO) 
  2. International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
  3. English International Olympiad (EIO) 
  4. General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
  5. International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) 
  6. National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

How can schools register for Indian Talent Olympiad? 

For schools to register with Indian Talent Olympiad, visit the same Buddy4Study page mentioned above

Simple Tricks to Prepare for Olympiads

It may sound easy to attempt Olympiads, but being successful in the same requires a lot of hard work. There are some simple hacks that prove to be fruitful for those attempting these exams. 

  1. Understand the syllabus well – Students must get a good grasp of the syllabus. The Olympiad exams are normally conducted just before school exams or after school exams. The syllabus of Olympiads is always as per the school curriculum. 
  2. Practice previous years’ question papers – Indian Talent Olympiad offers previous years’ question paper sets with solutions and explanations of correct answers. Students can get individual subject-wise paper sets or combo packs as required. These question papers prove to be useful while attempting final exams. 
  3. Master the online test series – The weekly test series offered by the Indian Talent Olympiad enables students to achieve mastery on topics. It ensures that students are thorough with concepts. It provides different types of questions to solve and is the best way to ensure that the student’s fundamentals are clear. 
  4. 4. Create a Schedule – It is imperative that students create a self-study time-table while preparing for Olympiads. This small practice helps them develop learning habits. It also teaches them time management skills that are required in today’s age. Choosing the same place and the same time for studies inculcates a spirit of learning in children. 
  5. Organize time wisely – Olympiad exams teach the importance of time to students, who are still new to the world of competition. It is advisable to organize and chalk out a plan of action, smartly, well in advance. Some of the things that students can do are memorize theorems/rules/basic concepts, use color codes to relate, prepare brief notes for final revision, use mnemonics wherever applicable. 
  6. Reinforce basic concepts – School textbooks may or may not be sufficient if students plan to attend competitive exams at a later stage. Workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad allows students to delve deep into concepts taught in class. It encourages analytical thinking and reasoning capabilities in all participants. 
  7. Stay positive – Olympiad exams are all about motivating children. Students need to prepare themselves academically. To build the right attitude, it is important to become mentally confident. A thorough analysis of strengths and weaknesses allows students to prepare for these exams. 
  8. Conduct regular self-assessments – It is important to check students’ progress from time to time. This makes students understand where they stand among their peers. It also lets them know the areas that require additional practice. Appearing for online test series by Indian Talent Olympiad ensures self-assessments at frequent intervals. 
  9. Support from parents – Parents need to work hard with students to see them shine in life. It requires immense support, great deal of handholding, and mentoring from elders. Few words of motivation go a long way in encouraging young minds. Giving students the right direction is ultimately the responsibility of parents. 
  10. Challenge oneself – More than challenging peers, Olympiad exams are about challenging oneself. The competition always stays healthy, when children compete with themselves. All participants have to set a benchmark and try to improve upon it each time they attempt a new test. This stimulates young minds to perform better in all circumstances. 
  11. Stay motivated – Doing something creative, or picking up a hobby helps to relieve stress. Students often get stressed when it comes to exams and marks. Make it a habit to read newspapers, add 5 words to your vocabulary every day, play a favorite sport, or solve puzzles. These small activities freshen up the brain. 
  12. Attempt as many online tests as possible – The best way to learn is to keep doing the same thing and again. Indian Talent Olympiad’s online test series ensures there is maximum practice and exposure to a variety of questions before the final exam. This allows students to stay focused, learn new ways of solving a question, and stay ahead in the competition. 
  13. Focus on weak areas – Olympiad exams are the best exams to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. It gives them clear areas where they require additional practice. When students identify their own flaws, it becomes easy to correct those. It reinforces the confidence to do well in the upcoming exam. 
  14. Consult your teachers – Teachers can be the best friends and guides who advise students on the study material to refer before final exams. Workbooks by the Indian Talent Olympiad are considered to be very efficient for students to score well. Many teachers refer these workbooks to practice for Olympiads as well as for school exams. 

In the end, what matters most is “believe in oneself”. Positive thinking keeps the negative energy out. Psychologists are of the view that it is easy to train young minds, which is why they must be taught how to successfully pass all hurdles. Outstanding grades in Olympiads can be the beginning of a bright future. Olympiads may not be a cakewalk for all, but the right foundation may make it easy to get to the top.