Study abroad in US & Canada: 10 courses you should go for

When it comes to study abroad, the US and Canada are the most favourite destinations for Indian students. Every year thousands of Indian students enroll at different universities in the US and Canada. The education system in Canada is not very different from that of the American education system.

Normally, universities in the US and Canada offer a wide range of graduate and postgraduate programmes, including doctoral programmes. Basically, there are 2 types of universities in both US and Canada. These are public and private ones.

Public Universities in US are funded by the US state government, while in Canada, the Public Universities are run by the provincial, territorial or federal government.

On the other hand, private universities in the US are funded by student tuition fees, research outcomes, donations and other funding sources, while in Canada, these universities are mostly funded by donations and research grants.

While taking admissions at the foreign universities, the first question that comes is — what are the best courses to study and how much does the study cost? Here, we have prepared a list of courses for you to know while planning to study in US and Canada.

Business and Administrative Management:

Both the countries are considered as a top destination for international MBA courses. The quality education provided by the universities of both the countries attract most of the Indian students. Students from India are more interested to study at a business college because they will see an immediate return on their investment and they see the strength of these programs as the best preparation for a good job.

Engineering & Technology:

Want to be at the forefront of developing new technologies for a range of industries including transport, healthcare, construction, and robotics? If the answer is yes then studying in the US will be a best option for you. The scope for engineers are more in US and you will get employment as well, while doing engineering and technology studies there.

Hospitality Management:

With a booming hospitality business, Canada is an internationally renowned tourism destination in the world. If you are choosing hospitality as part of your career, then studying in Canada will be a right choice for you. The colleges of hospitality and tourism in Canada will help you to develop the necessary skills required in the field of hotels, airlines, travel companies, and cruise lines.

Arts and Design:

Join thousands of creative students by studying a Creative Art or Design subject in US. The country has over 300 fine arts colleges which include both private and public universities. This course offer students an option to expand their creativity and follow their passion.

Health Science:

Canadian colleges offer a wide range of courses on Health Sciences and Technology programs to both international and national students in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, Radiation Therapy, International Healthcare Initiatives, Population Health, and so on.

Law courses:

Studying a law is becoming popular day by day. If you want to be a lawyer then studying an undergraduate law course at the universities in the US is a suitable choice for you. The courses will enhance your skills including research, analysis and interpretation.

Social Science:

Social Science is a field that involves the study of human society and social relationships. Both the countries offer a wide range of courses related to Social Science. Generally, it includes historical, political, cultural and theoretical aspects of human behaviour.


Nursing is the globally recognized degree for Indian students in Canada. Nursing is basically a part of the healthcare field which mainly focuses on protection of health, prevention and treatment of illness. Studying a nursing course not only offers job security and but also provides more career options than any other healthcare occupation.

Computer Science:

Computer Science is basically the understanding of computer technology — hardware and software. Both the countries offer wide range of courses related to Computer Science to the international students. Students can pursue a diploma, post graduate diploma, undergraduate degree and masters in Computer Science at the institutions of both the countries.


Research is one of the key component of a post-secondary education and studying biotechnology is a difficult task for the students. The study of biotechnology includes the study of plants, animals and people, along with the genetic diseases that affect them and the possible solutions for those diseases. Both the countries offer a wide range of courses on Biotechnology.

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