Scholar Success Story: Read how single-minded focus and strong self-motivation helped Sarabjeet Singh reach his goal

In normal circumstances, having a strong peripheral vision can be quite useful, making one aware of their surroundings at all times. For a person with a single-minded purpose, however, anything other than their goal is a distraction. There is a reason, after all, why racehorses have blinders on them. Consider the legend of Arjuna, who could see nothing else but the target. This is a lesson Sarabjeet Singh took to heart as we learnt from his Scholar Success Story.

In his determination to reach his goal, he blinded himself to all distraction, never taking his eye off the ball.  It was this strong determination that led to him being selected for the  PNB Housing Finance Limited Protsahan Scholarship.

Buddy4Study conducted an interview with this scholar to learn a little bit about his journey of becoming a scholar. Read his inspiring Scholar Success Story below:

Buddy4Study: Describe briefly your academic and professional journey to this point.

Sarabjeet: My name is Sarabjeet Singh. I did my schooling from B.C.M. Senior Secondary School, and completed my B.Com. (Hon). in Finance from Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management. Currently I am pursuing an MBA in International Business from Birla Institute of Management Technology. It is my desire to build a career in Investment Management or Financial Analysis .

Buddy4Study: What motivated you to choose Finance as your field of specialisation?

Sarabjeet: Right from school, I had a strong grasp on Accounts and Financial terms. After completing my graduation in the field of Finance (B.COM Hons. in Finance), I was pretty set on sticking to my strengths.

Buddy4Study: What difficulties did you encounter during the course of your educational journey?

Sarabjeet: Of course there were plenty of distractions along the way. From financial constraints to personal issues, I did face my fair share of these. But I was always quite determined to achieve my goals, and with the support of my family I was able to put all distractions aside.

Buddy4Study: Who has been your biggest source of inspiration?

Sarabjeet: For me, it has always been my father. He is my source of inspiration as well as my role model. I have picked up all my positive traits from him. He is the one who taught me that strong determination can help a person overcome anything. His hard-work throughout my childhood, and even today, is the reason why I am where I am.

Buddy4Study: Could you talk about your family’s contribution towards your education?

Sarabjeet: They have had a huge role to play in my success story. In fact, there was once a moment when I had decided to drop my plans for an MBA because of financial pressures. My family, though, convinced me otherwise. They gave me the strength to pursue my dreams.

Buddy4Study: How did you learn about the PNB Housing Finance Limited Protsahan Scholarship? What steps did you follow to apply for this scholarship?

Sarabjeet: I learnt about the opportunity through my college when a team from Buddy4Study visited the institution to spread awareness about the program. The team helped me register my account and fill the scholarship application form, along with all the necessary documents. I felt quite fortunate to be shortlisted for the interview, and my happiness knew no bounds once I was selected for the scholarship.

Buddy4Study: How do you plan to spend the scholarship amount that you have won?

Sarabjeet: Considering I have taken on an education loan for the purpose of my education, the entire scholarship amount will be utilised in paying towards it, helping me lighten the burden of interest payments.

Buddy4Study: What future goals have you set for yourself?

Sarabjeet: As stated earlier, I want to build a career in Investment Management or as a Financial Analyst. I also need to take care of my family and fulfil all their desires. Once my family is well settled, there are many more dreams I would like to pursue.

Buddy4Study: What are your thoughts about paying-it-forward and contributing to the society? 

Sarabjeet: Winning this scholarship has awakened in me a desire to help out all those children who are forced to earn a living at an age when they should be studying. I would love to be able to support a deserving child financially.

Buddy4Study: Lastly, what advice would you like to give to others who wish to follow in your footsteps?

Sarabjeet: I can only pass on what I have learnt from my own experience. Just keep moving towards your goal with complete determination. Take all hurdles head on. Face your problems and you will always be better off for it.

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