Scholar Success Story – Read How Anjali’s “Yes, I Can Do It” Attitude Helped Her in Overcoming Hurdles and Securing a Place at a Leading B-School

“Every cloud has a silver lining. IDFC First Bank scholarship came as that silver lining during my darkest times”. – Anjali Srivastav (IDFC First Bank Scholar)

Anjali always knew that education is the only means by which she can realise her dream of becoming a leading banker. With the motivation by her previous achievements and an undying zeal to achieve a lot more than before, Anjali worked hard to secure a place at a leading B-school. IDFC First Bank recognised her potential and extended help in her quest for success.

Buddy4Study had a conversation with her regarding her journey and how IFDC First Bank Scholarship proved to be of value. This scholar success story has excerpts from the same.

Buddy4Study – Please share a brief about your academic background. Did you have any work experience before joining this management programme?

Anjali – I have completed my schooling from Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School and scored 87% in class 10th and 93.2% class 12th. After that, I pursued from the University of Lucknow and scored 58.6%.

Buddy4Study – Why did you want to pursue an MBA course?

Anjali – I wanted to pursue MBA because it seemed like an obvious leading step towards my career that would help me with gaining the necessary business skills. It will give me the opportunity to learn essential qualities such as leadership and strategic thinking capability, which would be helpful throughout my career.

Buddy4Study – What were the key challenges you faced during your MBA admissions?

Anjali – Mathematics was never my forte. Hence, cracking the quantitative section of the entrance test was quite challenging for me. Apart from this, budgetary limitations forced me to stay within my city while preparing for colleges as the living cost in other cities was financially burdening. Finding a good college in Lucknow was also a big challenge.

Buddy4Study – What has been your source of inspiration?

Anjali – I believe that change is the only constant in this ever-changing world. Change teaches us acceptance and since we face new challenges every day, it keeps us on our toes to learn more, whether we like it or not. I am a person who takes inspiration from my past to improve the future and hence I like to look back on my past academic achievements as well as failures.

Buddy4Study – How do you motivate yourself to overcome any challenge?

Anjali – Motivation itself is such an energetic word which pumps positivity in every direction. My success and failure both depend on my self-motivation. To keep myself motivated and optimistic, I challenge myself with small goals. On completion of these mini-goals, new grails pop up which ladder up to the ultimate goal. I firmly believe that everything big starts with something small and a “Yes, I can do it” attitude acts as a catalyst towards the final victory.

Buddy4Study – Despite the financial constraints, you decided to pursue an MBA course. How did your parents react when you told them about your ambitions?

Anjali – When I first decided to travel the management path, I was not discouraged to pursue it but rather reminded about the condition of the family. But, due to the fact that management courses open path for a better future, my parents eventually change their mind and allowed me to take up such a demanding course. Just like they say, “Every cloud has a silver lining”, IDFC First MBA Scholarship proved to be that silver lining during my darkest times”.

Buddy4Study – How did you come to know about IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship? What was the process you followed to avail the scholarship?

Anjali – I was informed about this scholarship by the college authorities. I followed the instructions available on the Buddy4Study website which guided me through the application process, starting from uploading of the documents to call for the interview.

Buddy4Study – Which B-schools did you qualify for?

Anjali – As I have already mentioned, I had to study in my hometown Lucknow due to financial constraints and couldn’t apply to B schools in other cities. Hence, I was left with very limited options like IILM Lucknow, Jaipuria Institute of Management and Amity University Lucknow. Among these institutes, I found Jaipuria Institute of Management as the best option for me.

Buddy4Study – What goals have you set for yourself in the future?

Anjali – I have decided to make my career in the field of banking.

Buddy4Study – What advice would you give to the younger ones who face various challenges while pursuing higher education?

Anjali – Challenges are found in many forms, psychological and financial to name a few. As a student who has faced some of these challenges, my advice for the young ones would be to opt for the path they think they can travel best. We all know that lack of determination towards one’s goal leads to failure. I would like to encourage students to get self-determined and try to look out for different scholarships to add the wind beneath their wings.

Buddy4Study – How are you going to utilise your scholarship funds?

Anjali -“Right to education” is one of the paramount rights today. But rising cost of education has made quality education difficult to attain for underprivileged students in remote parts of our country. The scholarship has played a vital role in extending help to those who are in need. Scholarships act as a backbone for the underprivileged to educate themselves. However, scholarships should only be used for educational purposes. If provided with more than necessary, funds should be kept aside for better use in the future.

Buddy4Study – What are your thoughts on giving back to society, once you start your professional life?

Anjali – “No one has ever become poor by giving,” said Anne Frank.
The ideology that propels my inner conscience to work and move ahead is of “giving”. The idea of giving encapsulates me and as a professional too, I will be working in this direction. In reference to society, I would love to give financial as well as psychological support in whatever way I can. I will also connect with organisations like yours to help more and more in need.
I believe that “I was given, so I have to give”.

Anjali decided that nothing is going to stop her from walking down the path she desires. She worked without an excuse, planned her prospects while keeping her limitations in mind and worked hard on what she had planned. She understands the value of the opportunity and urges everyone to grab it when presented, like she did when IDFC Capital First came knocking on her door.