Challenges in the Indian scholarship system

The condition of higher education, in India, has changed tremendously over the years. As compared to the early times, the dropout rate from schools and colleges has reduced considerably. Today, many students are being encouraged to pursue higher education attributing to the enormous financial help rendered by the Government of India and other well-recognized institutions. The Indian Scholarship System boasts several scholarships, fellowships and awards available for students, but there is lack of awareness regarding these opportunities.

Reaching out – a big challenge

The major cause for lack of awareness among students is of the communication gap between scholarship providers and seekers. At times, the providers in the Indian Scholarship System are unable to reach out to the deserving candidates, while in some cases, the students lack sufficient resources to gather awareness about the scholarships. In both the situation, the loss is incurred by the future of the country.

Dynamic competition

The constantly growing competitive culture is a major challenge, while availing scholarships based on competitive examinations. Many students, who are in need of scholarship, get disqualified at the time of examination due to lack of guidance and preparation. This lack of guidance is due to lack of resources to procure proper and structured mentoring to qualify the competitive examinations.

How to overcome these challenges?

In order to overcome the challenges posed by the Indian scholarship System, the following measures can turn out to be a blessing –

  • Awareness programs – Organizing awareness programs at schools and colleges can make students mindful of the provisions available for them. Not only this, they will also get to learn about who can apply for which scholarship and when.
  • Mentoring – Becoming a mentor for students is a noble initiative that provides true help to deserving candidates. Yes, spreading awareness about scholarship from person to person can also support the cause, thereby allowing the students gain better education at every stage of life.
  • Supervision – Students, being at a learning stage, always face problems in making decisions. Thus, it should be the responsibility of the schools and educational institutions to guide them about the scholarship programs and prepare them for all types of scholarship examinations.

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