CCRT Scholarship- Overview, Eligibility, Application & Rewards

CCRT Scholarship is an initiative of the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), which is an autonomous institution under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The CCRT in view of achieving its goals and abiding by its values implements CCRT scholarship to provide facilities to children in the age group of 10-14 years. The centre generates training programmes for students from all over the country. Every year, approximately 650 CCRT scholarships are awarded by the institution. Apart from this, CCRT also organises exclusive programmes and scholarships for training students who are physically or mentally challenged. This scholarship is also reserved for students belonging to the Tribal Culture (ST), off-springs of families practicing traditional art, differentially abled (Divyang) and candidates applying in the area of Creative Writing/ Literary Art.

This article covers every significant information related to the CCRT scholarship, its eligibility, application process, rewards, documents required and much more. The table below highlights a brief overview of the scholarship for the students to get a better understanding:

CCRT Scholarship: An Overview

Sr. No.     Particulars               Description
1. Objective The main objective of the scholarship is to provide needy and exclusively talented students with financial assistance and facilities.
2. Scholarship Provider The scholarship is being provided by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
3. Eligibility This scholarship is applicable to the following students:

  • The students falling under the age group of 10-14 years.
  • They should be studying in recognised schools


  • They should belong to a family practising traditional performing arts towards getting specialized training in different cultural fields (for example traditional forms of music, painting, dance, sculpture, drama, literary arts and crafts giving special and extra emphasis on the rare art forms) which are about to be or in the process of getting extinct.
4. Application Apply by post. Send the application package constituting the essential documents to the following address:

Centre for Cultural Research and Training (CCRT),
15-A, Sector 7, Dwarka,
New Delhi- 110075

5. Scholarship Award The selected scholar will receive a grant of INR 3600 per annum and the fee incurred by the scholar to pay the Guru/teacher is reimbursed up to a maximum of INR 9000 per annum.
6. Application Timeline The application period is usually between the month of December and January. *

*The dates are tentative and subject to change at the discretion of the provider.

CCRT Scholarship- Scholarship Information

The CCRT scholarship has been curated for students who are exclusively skilled in traditional performing arts, it is an initiative started to give significance to art forms which are in the process of extinction. About 650 new CCRT scholarships are awarded to skilled students every year. These scholarships are disbursed among the students according to their respective reserved categories in the following way:

  • 100 CCRT scholarships for the Tribal Culture students i.e. Scheduled Tribe applicants.

Note: The applicants should have an authorized ST certificate issued and attested by a competent authority.

  • 125 CCRT scholarships for the students belonging to families who are practising traditional art forms this implies that the students should be from a Traditional Artist Family (TAF) who have been continuously practising art form/s from at least the last 3 generations.
  • 20 CCRT scholarships for differently-abled applicants i.e. Divyang students who possess a valid disability certificate.
  • 30 CCRT scholarships for the students who are applying in creative writing/ literary arts or related fields, these applicants should have evidence in the form of work originally written by them.
  • The leftover 375 CCRT scholarships will be treated as general scholarships applicable for all other applicants studying in any recognized school and qualifying other eligibility requirements.

CCRT Scholarship- Eligibility Criteria 

The general criterion for the applicants to be eligible for the CCRT scholarship is to be skilled in their field of cultural art. There are some other qualifying criteria for attaining a CCRT scholarship which aims to continue the legacy of Indian traditional art forms. Some of the essential eligibility criteria that the students need to make sure they fulfil before applying for the scholarship has been mentioned below:

  • The applicant should be between 10-14 years of age.
  • The applicant should be from a recognised school or should belong to a Traditional Artist Family (TAF) for getting a specialized training course in different cultural fields like the traditional form of drama/music/dance and crafts or literary activities etc.
  • The applicant must have a basic educational qualification and background.
  • Considering the fact that the CCRT scholarship has been exclusively curated for the students who wish to receive extensive and advanced training in their choice of a traditional art form, the students shall possess a proficiency degree in order to be considered for the scholarship.
  • The applicant should have taken at least 5 years of professional training under their guru/teacher/institute. The applicant has to submit a certificate to verify this, attested by the current guru/teacher/institution and as well as the former guru/teacher/institution (if any) attached along with the application.

CCRT Scholarship- How to Apply?

What are the steps to be followed to apply for CCRT scholarship? Is the application process available online or offline? The answers to these questions are covered in this section. The application for the CCRT scholarship is done in offline mode and is submitted at the CCRT, New Delhi centre. The step by step procedure to successfully submit the application form has been explained below:

Step 1: Access the application form
  • Click here to access the application form.
  • Download the application form and take a hard copy of it.
Step 2: Fill in the application form
  • Fill in the application form with the required details carefully.
  • Go through the application form once again to avoid any errors.
Step 3: Attach the necessary documents
  • Attach the necessary documents like the caste certificate, income certificate, proficiency certificate etc. along with the application.
  • Make sure the attached documents are authentic and verified.
  • Also, make sure no information provided in the application form is false or incomplete which may lead to further disregarding of the application form.
Step 4: Submit the application form
  • Submit the application form offline by post
  • All the application forms should be submitted by the parents/guardian in the prescribed format opting for one art form only along with the documents after receiving the required recommendations from the guru/ teacher/ institution at the following address:

Centre for Cultural Research and Training (CCRT),
15-A, Sector 7, Dwarka,
New Delhi- 110075

CCRT Scholarship- Selection Procedure

A Central Selection Committee is appointed to shortlist the applicants for the CCRT scholarship. The applicants recommended by the selection committee are further evaluated based on their talent and their will to promote and pursue the art. The selection procedure for the CCRT scholarship has been demonstrated below:

  • The Central Selection Committee assesses the applications received by the CCRT, New Delhi. The committee goes through the applications thoroughly and recommends shortlisted applicants they think deserve this specific scholarship.
  • The shortlisted applicants are notified about the dates, timings, and venue of the Interviews/ tests held at the regional level around the month of May/August each year.
  • The selected scholars invited to attend the interview/test are analyzed by being marked on a scale of 1-10 by each Expert Committee member. The total marks scored by the applicants will define if the applicant gets recommended by the expert committee.
  • The selection will be strictly on the basis of merit of the applicant and the availability of scholarships in the respective academic year.

Note: The decision of the Central Selection Committee shall be final and binding.

CCRT Scholarship- Award Details

The CCRT scholarship felicitates talented students and rewards them in order to motivate them to pursue these endangered art forms in the future. A number of young artists are selected and placed to get trained in their respective cultural fields from a compatible institution which facilitates the students’ academic studies along with their training under an approved institution/ guru/ teacher. The decision taken by the CCRT in concern to the selection to the course of the study and the teacher/ guru shall be final.

The payment of the CCRT scholarship is effectually made in the authorized bank account of the parent or the guardian of the scholarship holder through NEFT/ ECS/ RTGS. It will commence from the date of admission of the applicant or the date specified by the CCRT. The scholarship awards allocated are awarded in the following way to the selected scholars:

  • INR 3,600 per annum as scholarship grant.
  • Reimbursement of the real tuition fee of the guru/teacher paid by the applicant up to a maximum of INR 9,000 per annum (The fee slip should be submitted by the parent/ guardian of the scholar to the CCRT).

The duration of the CCRT scholarship is for 2 years initially and is revised after that depending on either the completion of the 1st degree level of education of the scholar or up to the age of 20 years, whichever is earlier. The CCRT scholarship revision will be subject to the scholar keeping up and maintaining progress satisfactorily.

CCRT Scholarship- Other Conditions and Information

  • The applicants applying under the TAF category should provide a write up mentioning at least 3 respective generations and the contribution they made to the cultural art form.
  • The guru/teacher/institution of the applying candidate is supposed to send a detailed progress report every 6 months during the term of the scholarship to the CCRT, New Delhi strictly in the prescribed format. The progress report for the first half of a year from the month of January till June should be received by the 15th of July and the progress report for the second half of the year from the month of July to December ought to be received by the 15th of January.
  • A scholar selected through the CCRT scholarship shall not receive any other scholarship or stipend in the same or related art form without getting prior approval from the CCRT.
  • No state quota has been reserved for the CCRT scholarship.
  • During the term of the scholarship, if a situation arises where the dismissal of the guru/teacher of the scholar becomes important, in that case,  CCRT shall be notified requesting approval for another guru/ teacher in the prescribed Joining Report Proforma explaining and justifying the reason/s for the change to be mandatory.
  • In a case where the scholar discontinues the course of training before the expiry of the term of the scholarship without taking permission from the CCRT and a proper reason justifying the abandonment, the CCRT has the right to nullify the scholarship with immediate effect.
  • Various forms are required to be submitted by the scholarship holders in strictly prescribed proformas. The forms are available for the applicants to be downloaded from a folder called ‘Annexures’ on the official website of the CCRT.
  • Forms Required for the CCRT Scholarship:
    • The form of acceptance.
    • Performa presenting the details and particulars regarding the training of the scholarship holder.
    • Certificate from the head of the institution where the applicant is pursuing the academic front.
    • Joint report of the scholar.
    • Income certificate of the parent/guardian of the scholar.
    • Half-yearly progress report of the scholar.
    • Bank authorization letter

CCRT Scholarship- About CCRT

The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) is one of the primary institutions working towards linking education with the diverse Indian culture. The inception of the institution was in 1979 headed by Late Smt. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and Dr Kapila Vatsyayan. The ultimate and core objective of the organization is to committedly provide integrated education, surrounding the overall development of children including spiritual, emotional and cognitive development. To fulfil its objective, CCRT introduced CCRT scholarships for students. Its headquarters are situated in the capital of the country- New Delhi and it has 3 other regional centres located in Hyderabad, Guwahati, and Udaipur in order to impart cultural education in a widespread area.

CCRT Scholarship- Contact Details

In case, the applicants face any problem during the application process of the CCRT scholarship or for any further queries in the future related to the scholarship, they can contact the provider through the details mentioned below:

Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT)
Ministry of Culture, Government of India,
15-A, Sector – 7, Dwarka,
New Delhi – 110075

Telephone:(011) 25088638/25309300