Work and study hard for the country: CM Yogi to students

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on December 10 urged the student community to complete their studies diligently and contribute for the development of the society and country as education plays a bigger role to make the country a global leader.

“In order to make India a vishwaguru (global leader) once again, the educational institutes will have to play an important role,” Adityanth said, adding, “Students should steadfastly follow their career and work hard for the betterment of the society and country.”

Addressing a function organized by Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad in Gorakhpur, the UP chief minister asked the students to prepare themselves for performing at the national and international level.

“Students will excel nationally and internationally in different events if the parents and teachers prove to be efficient connectors,” he said.

“In order to achieve anything in life, it is essential to work hard and be disciplined,” he said, adding, “Since UP is the most populous state in the country, hence the challenges here are also big.”

Saying that many resources in his home state are not being harnessed well, he said his government is making new policies to explore these resources to improve education in the state.

“Uttar Pradesh is home to over 21 crore people and the state is bestowed with many resources but majority of them have remained unharnessed,” the UP chief minister said, adding, “The government has policy to make use of these resources not only to educate youth but also to give them employment.”

Addressing the students, Union Minister of State for HRD Satyapal Singh said, “Today, the need of the hour is a model which will ensure holistic development of education and educational institute. If the students are disciplined and committed, then their path of life becomes easy.”

“An education system which consists of patriotism, culture and nationalism helps in making a good citizen,” he said.

He also urged the students to develop expertise in at least one extracurricular activity along with academic knowledge.