Study in Lebanon: All you need to know

Known as a gateway between East and West, Lebanon is often described as a country where different worlds meet. With its elegant cities, ancient cedar trees and the dazzling blue waters of the eastern Mediterranean, Lebanon’s capital Beirut — once known as the Paris of the East – welcomes travellers and international students seeking to experience this beautiful, multi-faceted land. Housing two world class universities – American University of Beirut and the Université Saint-Joseph — Lebanon is also one of the favourite educational destination for foreign students.

Lebanon was ranked in 5th place for education in Math and Science, according to the 2013 Global Information Technology Report, a list compiled by the World Economic Forum. The country was ranked No 10 for best overall quality in education and No 13 for quality in management of its school system.

The country’s location and history make the study of Language, Culture, World Religions, Foreign Relations, and International Trade an ideal pursuit here for foreign students.

Why to study in Lebanon?

Lebaon can be a great experience for students who are interested in engineering and exploration of oil and natural gas as these natural resources have recently been discovered under the Lebanese seabed.

Whether students choose Beirut or other cities in Lebanon for their study abroad experience, they’re bound to enjoy a fantastic study abroad in Lebanon journey.

In addition to this, the country’s historical sights, restaurants, and outdoor spaces provide prime locations for people to connect with friends and family members. Lebanon’s community-oriented culture makes for a full and hearty adventure.

If they want, they can spend a summer, semester, or academic year studying abroad in Lebanon. No matter how long their program duration is, they still can earn academic credit, enhance their resumes, and develop their global awareness.

Top universities in Lebanon

Administered by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, all universities in the country offer world class education to international students. Although the official language of Lebanon is Arabic, the language of instruction at universities is English or French. Of the 41 universities with national accreditation in Lebanon, three of them have earned a spot in the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities and those universities include American University of Beirut, Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, and Lebanese American University.

Scholarship opportunities

To ease the financial burden on international students, the Lebanon government, universities and institutes in the country offer a number of scholarships. Some of the scholarships cover tuition fee, accommodation etc for international students. Some of the prominent scholarships available for international students incluse UWE Millennium Scholarship for International Students, DAAD Masters Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance, and Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI).

Health insurance

International students, who take admission in any of the universities in Lebanon, have to pay a health insurance premium. The rate of the insurance may vary according to the number of semesters a student takes.

Visa procedure

To study in any of the universities in Lebanon, international students must have a passport which should not expire until six months after return to the student’s home country. A student residence permit is required for all foreign students, regardless of homeland. Another important point to be noted here is that any student who has ever been to Israel will be denied entry privileges to Lebanon. Visa stamps from Egypt and Jordan are indication enough to deny a student access to the country as well.

Useful info

Arabic is the official national language of the country but legal provisions make French permissible in some official circumstances. University courses are taught in Arabic and French but English is gaining popularity over the period of time.