Dr BR & CR Shetty Scholar Story – Diyana Rodriques

Diyana Rodriques – “I never had the luxury of a normal family life while growing up. My father went to Saudi Arabia when I was just a toddler to work as a private driver for a local family. The hard-earned money that he transfers to us in India is less than INR 1 lakh yearly, which is barely enough for the rest of us three family members. When me and my younger sister saw our respective classmates having better clothes to wear and better food to eat, we couldn’t complain because we knew deep inside how much our parents are sacrificing to even get us a basic education.

In this state of an uncertain future, I was always certain about my path – that of nursing, but had no means to pursue it. My school teacher told me about the BR & CR Shetty Scholarship for underprivileged children. This grant was to help children like me to pursue B.Sc. and Diploma courses in Allied Medical Sciences. My scholarship application was promptly accepted, and I secured a seat in the prestigious Manipal College of Nursing!
My yearly fee is INR 1,35,000 and this scholarship paid off INR 60,000 out of it. To pay the rest of the fee, my extended family came together to help me achieve my education dreams. I hope to get placed at a reputed hospital and earn well so that my father can come back home and enjoy a family life that he has craved for throughout his life. My message to children like me is to never stop dreaming. There are institutions like the BR & CR Shetty Foundation that will uplift you in the darkest of times.”