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Class 10 scholarships: Top Scholarships For You

by Shikhil Vyas
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Class 10 scholarships: Our education system has this peculiar thing where after class 10, we see a drastic change in the curriculum. Students suddenly find themselves facing a choice that would be crucial for their careers. The decision of choosing Science or Arts or Commerce stream along with a massive change in the course syllabus can be overwhelming for a child. Moreover, the exorbitant costs of higher education cause a lot of students to drop-out after matriculation itself. This has not gone unnoticed with the authorities, and a number of government and non-government organizations have come together to provide various class 10 scholarships for deserving students.Scholarship Registration, Find New Scholarship

These class 10 scholarships play a crucial role in tackling the ever-increasing drop-out rates at the matriculation level. The worth of education is undeniable and so, it is imperative that each child receives a quality education. Here is a list of class 10 scholarships which are doing the same, enabling meritorious but economically weaker students a chance for better education.

Class  10 Scholarships: Eligibility, Benefits, and Deadline

HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship

The HDFC educational crisis scholarship is specifically for students who are unable to bear the cost of education and are at risk of dropping out due to a personal or family crisis. The HDFC bank under the Educational Crisis Scholarship Support (ECSS) programme offers this scholarship to provide assistance to such students who are going through a crisis so as to avoid impacts on their education.

Eligibility: Students in Class 6 and above

Benefits: INR 10,000 and INR 25,000 for school and college/university fee, respectively.

Last date to apply: 15 June 2019

CLP India Scholarship Scheme

Aspiring Class 10 students from certain locations across the country can benefit from this scholarship. Offered by CLP India, this scholarship aims to provide financial support to needy students, with a special focus on girl students. Under this scholarship program, a total of 850 students will be selected across all CLP RE Asset locations.

Eligibility: Class 10 to 12, Graduation, Postgraduation, Diploma, ITI, Vocational training students across community catchment areas around all CLP India RE Assets business locations viz. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Rajasthan

Benefits: Up to INR 18,000 per annum

Last date to apply: 20 May 2019Scholarship Registration, Get Scholarship Update

National Scholarship Exam (NSE)

The National Scholarship Exam (NSE) is organised by the National Institute of Career Education (NICE) Foundation with an aim to identify and nurture talented students and help them pinpoint areas of strengths and weakness. It an excellent opportunity for Class 5 to 12 students to test their knowledge and win attractive cash prizes.

Eligibility: Class 5 to 12 students, Diploma and Degree students

Benefits: Cash prizes up to INR 35,000

Last date to apply: 30 September 2019

Bose Einstein Scholarship Test

The Bose-Einstein Scholarship Test is organised by the JMMC Research Foundation that rewards students with monthly scholarships. The participating students performing well in the scholarship test also get exposure to seminars, workshops and research-based products.

Eligibility: Class 7 to Graduation students

Benefits: Scholarship worth INR 36,000 per annum

Last date to apply: 15 May 2019

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards

The National Innovation Foundation (NIF) offers Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards to school students up to the age of 17 years. The aim of these IGNITE awards is to promote creativity and originality among children. NIF works towards ensuring that children become capable of ensuring an imaginative, inclusive, and innovative future of our country.

Eligibility: School students up to Class 12

Benefits: Appreciation certificates, travel support, financial and mentoring support

Last date to apply: 31 August 2019

Kind Scholarship for Young Women

Kind Scholarship for Young Women is an initiative to support young women by providing them financial assistance to help them build a foundation for their bright future. Moreover, this scholarship fund can be supported through individual donations.

Eligibility: Girl students in Class 9 to 12, Graduation, Vocational and Professional courses

Benefits: Scholarship worth up to INR 18,000 per year

Last date to apply: 15 June 2019

CSIR Innovation Award for School Children (CIASC)

The Innovation Award offered by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) for school children is for young innovative students. It selects students based on original creative designs and technological project proposals submitted by the students to create utilitarian solutions for new processes and devices. Along with cash prizes of up to INR 1 lakh, students will also receive a chance to avail training-cum-awareness sessions with the CSIR officials.

Eligibility: Students below 18 years of age

Benefits: Cash prizes up to INR 100,000

Last date to apply: 31 March 2019Scholarship Registration, Scholarship Status, Find New Scholarship

These were only a few prominent ones. The world of scholarships is huge and there are a plethora of scholarships available for students to be benefited from. But due to a lack of knowledge, many deserving students miss out on these scholarships. This forms a communication gap between scholarship seekers and providers.

This is where Buddy4Study comes in. It helps the students search for the right scholarships that meet their eligibility criteria. This, in turn, helps in bridging the communication gap between the seekers and providers, thus benefiting both.

Along with these class 10 scholarships, you can find thousands of other scholarships on the Buddy4Study website.

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