Top colleges in India to study Arts

Arts is said to be the fuel for the soul. It has been a part of the human civilisation since time immemorial. Through various art forms such as painting, sculpture, graffities, dance and acting, humans give form to their imaginations, feelings and ideas. Not everyone has the skill set needed to create an art, only few lucky individuals are gifted with it. But even they need some training to hone their skills.

There are some top colleges in India where art novices get the opportunities to refine their arts skills. After the completion of higher secondary education if they wish to polish their skill as well as pursue a career in this field, then they need to look out for the best colleges out there which will help them reach their destination.

To make their task of finding a good college easier, Buddy4Study has prepared a list of top colleges in India to study Arts — be it Fine Arts, Visual Arts or Performing Arts.

Kala Bhavana (Institute of Fine Arts), Visva Bharati

An acclaimed centre of learning for Visual Art practice and research, Kala Bhavana of Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Some of these courses are Bachelor in Fine Arts (B.F.A.), M.F.A., certificate, diploma, advanced diploma in painting, Graphic Art, design (ceramic, glass & textile), sculpture and history of art. You can look for its application form in the months of April and May.

Sir J J Institute of Applied Art

Affiliated to the University of Mumbai, Sir J J Institute of Applied Art is one of the prominent institutes in India to offer specialised courses in Applied Art at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, lettering and typography, illustration, photography, computer graphics, exhibition, communication design, etc. Interested candidates can apply around the month of May or June.

Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi

One of the finest institutions of the country in the field of Arts, the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts offers an array of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Courses like B.A.(Hons.), M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Sangeet Shiromani (Diploma Course), one-year certificate course and two-year diploma in Harmonium. Interested students can look for its application forms during the months of June and July.

Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University

It is one of the best institutes in the country offering B.F.A., M.F.A. and research programme in specialised areas like Applied Arts, Plastic Arts, Painting, Textile Design and Pottery & Ceramics. You can look out for its application form during the months of January and February. The entire application process has been made online.

National Institute of Design (NID), Gujarat

Established in 1961, the NID is internationally known for its diverse design domains to offer courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students are offered specialisation in Graphic Design, Ceramic & Glass Design, Furniture & Interior Design, Textile Design, etc. If you wish to appear for the entrance exams conducted for the courses of NID, you should look out for the application form during the month of September or October.

There also several scholarships and grants launched by the government and other institutions to ease the financial burden of students and their parents so that they could spread their wings of creativity and soar in whichever direction they want to their career to.

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