Ultimate guide to prepare for AIIMS

Regarded as one of India’s highly acclaimed medical colleges and hospitals, the All India Institute of Medical Science always remains the ultimate educational goal for the students aspiring for higher studies in Medicine and Health Science. The AIIMS offers admission to students in undergraduate, postgraduate, super-specialization and doctoral courses through its separate entrance examination conducted every year.

Whether a student wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree program or a master’s degree program, he/she has to go through a cut-throat competition in the entrance examination. Undoubtedly, preparation is the key to create a cutting edge in this competitive environment.

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What ought to be known?

Before heading on to what should be prepared and how, the students need to know every whereabout of the AIIMS admissions. Here are few things that a student must be aware of –

Depending on the course for which the student is applying, the AIIMS entrance examination date and the syllabus for preparation may differ.

The examination is conducted through online mode for all courses.

Since limited number of seats are available, the selection of students is based on their fulfilment of eligibility criteria and their individual performance in the entrance examination.

If two candidates score equal marks in the examination, the preference is primarily given on the basis of marks obtained in different subjects and then the age criterion is considered.

The selected applicants also required to undergo a medical examination conducted by the Medical Board, failing which the candidates may get rejected for admission.

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Key preparation tactics to follow

To allow students get through the entrance examination with flying colours, here are some important preparation tactics for them to follow –

Start with the basics

To start with the preparation for the AIIMS entrance examination, the students need to primarily focus on the basic concepts.

Choose the study material wisely

While referring to any book or study material, make sure they are of some renowned author. Also, take advise from the teachers for better clarity about the concepts.

Be meticulous too

Paying significant emphasis to the details is also equally important as are the basic concepts. The more detailed knowledge a student has, the more are their chances of getting selected. Thus, it is advisable to solve practice papers regularly, not only to get an idea of the question paper, but also to track their individual preparation progress.

Be an efficient time manager

Having knowledge without efficient time management skills can also turnout a drawback for students. Thus, they are advised to manage their time efficiently while preparing for the entrance examination. Since the examination is conducted with limited time duration, the students should be capable of solving maximum number of questions with accuracy within the prescribed time limit.

Stay healthy

Since medical fitness is also an equally important factor in the selection criteria of getting admissions to AIIMS, the students need to keep themselves healthy too. In fact, a healthy body and healthy mind are the key mantras for achieving success in life.

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