5 effective ways to combat stress in student life

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.”– Bruce Lee

In this fast-paced world, where people are always competing for the same opportunities and striving to get ahead, anxiety is a natural by-product. As a result, people get distracted from their normal way of thinking and end up overwhelming themselves with extraneous thoughts, leading to unnecessary stress.

Unsurprisingly, those most vulnerable to the perils of anxiety and stress are the students. With the ever-increasing pressure of academics and competition, students have a challenging time coping. It is painful yet all too common, in fact, to hear every other day about students suffering nervous breakdowns or worse.

We, at Buddy4Study, have endeavored to make student life easier and in view of the same, here are a few basic yet effective ways to counter stress in students’ life:

Engage in physical exercise: Working out doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym – a light jog or a brisk walk could suffice. Even a simple physical workout can increase your mental performance significantly as regular exercise helps to release endorphins, making your body and mind feeling much better.

Manage time efficiently: The quality and quantity of all work depends heavily on how well your time is utilized. For students, it is doubly important to manage time effectively. The only way to achieve this with their busy schedules is by prioritizing their work – giving primacy to the most important tasks and putting the least important ones on hold. Doing so will ensure they can take on every task with the same efficiency and zeal.

Get right amount of sleep: After a hectic day when you finally lay on your bed to sleep, it gives your body the chance to go into repair mode. The pitfalls of modernity are such, though, that you are rarely away from distractions, with electronic gadgets topping the list. As a student, it is vital that you don’t compromise on your sleep which can prove to be quite hazardous for your health. Make sure you set fixed bedtime hours and stick to them.

Find a confidant: Loneliness breeds anxiety, stress and depression. As a student, if you find yourself unable to deal with stress alone, you must find someone to confide in – someone trustworthy with whom you can share your problems. It can be anyone like your parents, brother, sister, a friend, or even a teacher or student counsellor. Communicating your fears and negative thoughts can help ease the burden.

Stay positive: A negative mindset breeds negativity all around, and none of the above tips would be helpful unless you make it a point to stay positive. A positive outlook towards challenges gives you the confidence to overcome them and the strength to overcome disappointments.

With the above-mentioned suggestions, you will be able stay stress-free throughout your student life and make your life positive and beautiful.