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  • Despite burning the midnight oil and scoring what I thought was a decent 96% in class XII, I see that there is no option for me in any of the top colleges of Delhi University. I am devastated. What is the use of sacrificing everything to get good marks? 

    I truly understand your anguish and that of many others like you. Delhi University’s unusually high cut-offs — ranging from 0.5% to as much as 15% for some subjects this year, are an outcome of several factors:For one, the number of students scoring 95% and above in the class XII CBSE exam alone has shot up 18 times in six years. This year, an unprecedented 7,231 students like you secured 95% or more — which has come up from 4,456 in 2012 (and barely 400 six years ago).The new application process has generated its own set of unique problems. 
    Thanks to the online admission facility, DU has witnessed an unprecedented rush of applicants this year: 2.5 lakh for the 54,000-odd seats (of which only 27,270 are for general category students).Then, in the absence of entrance tests, which were used for screening candidates for several courses e.g. journalism, English, etc, this year, the cut-offs have rocketed for these courses. 
    Moreover, this year there is no college preference column in the application form. As a result, even a 98 or 99-percenter who has no intention of looking beyond the top three-four colleges, now counts as an applicant for every single college in DU that offers the course — regardless of its ‘ranking’ in the set order.Most Delhi colleges face the problem of over admission i.e. having to admit all the applicants who fall within the cut-off, regardless of their sanctioned strength or infrastructural constraints. Even a marginal difference in percentage would invite a rush of eligible candidates who cannot be turned away. To avoid this situation, the cut-offs in the first list are always high because the colleges are somewhat cautious at this point. 
    But don’t worry, once these colleges have a better fix on the number of applicants, i.e, the number of seats, the cut-offs are bound to become ‘saner’ with subsequent cut-offs.So if you have the best available seat in the first cut-off, there is always hope of upgrading to a better college/course later.Do not unduly obsess over the ranking of colleges at this point. Five years from now, it would not matter one bit whether you went to a North campus college or a South campus college. Just think: Would Amitabh Bacchhan or Shahrukh Khan be lesser super stars had they passed out of colleges other than KMC or Hans Raj? 
    COURTESY : Education Times

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