Smart Solar Cooking Solutions Design National Challenge 2019

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EligibilityIndian citizens
AwardVariable awards

About the Program


The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India invites applications for the Smart Solar Cooking Solutions Design National Challenge 2019 from Indian citizens affiliated to academic institutes or R&D organisations. The grand challenge awards have been instituted by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to commemorate Gandhiji's birthday and promote his idea of self-sufficient villages. The objective of the challenge is to design an efficient and user-friendly solar cooking solution suitable for cooking in various lifestyles of the Indian families.

  • Smart Solar Cooking Solutions Design National Challenge 2019

    The following applicants are eligible to take part in the challenge: 

    • The applying student should be an Indian citizen
    • The applicant should be affiliated to either of the following: 
      • An academic institute
      • An R&D organization 
      • An Indian company/Industry recognized under the Company’s Act/DSIR recognition

    The selected winners will receive the following benefits: 

    • The finalists of each of the cooking segments will be awarded a citation and a certificate. The three identified cooking segments are as follows: 
      • Household
      • Small community
      • Large community
    • The Department of Science and Technology may provide a financial grant for development/pilot demonstration of the selected units, based on the requirements assessed by the Expert Committee.

    The application package should be constituted of the following: 

    • Duly filled-in application form in the prescribed format.
    • The complete Solar Cooker Design described in a document with full specifications.
    • The bio-data of the applicants with full details of their achievements, publications and contributions in the area of solar energy utilization specifically the solar cooker.
    How can you apply?

    Follow the steps to apply: 

    Step 1: Download the application form.
    Step 2: Fill in the application form carefully with the required details.
    Step 3: Attach the necessary documents.
    Step 4: Post the application in an envelope which is superscribed "National Grand Challenge Awards for Designing UserFriendly Smart Solar Cooking Solutions, Name of Applicant" to the following address: 

    National Innovation Foundation - India,
    Gram Bharti, Amrapur,
    Gandhinagar - Mahudi Road, Gandhinagar,
    Gujarat- 382650 

    Note: A copy of the application along with the necessary documents should also be mailed to with "National Grand Challenge Awards for Designing UserFriendly Smart Solar Cooking Solutions, Name of Applicant" as the subject.

Selection Criteria

The selection of the applicants will be based on the recommendations made by the jury of experts constituted by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The selection through the evaluation criteria will be indicated through the following:

  • Design innovation (especially user-friendly features)
  • Performance parameters
  • Cost of the solar cooker
  • Sturdiness, operating convenience, credentials of the participant as evident from the documents furnished

The jury of experts will have the flexibility to select the second best design/s for the Grand Challenge awards if no entry meets the criteria for the smart cooking solution completely. In that case, the entries meeting the requirement partially shall be considered.

Important documents
Terms and Conditions
  • The applicants should ensure that any submission made by them in the Challenge does not violate anyone's intellectual property rights, confidentiality, trade secret and any statutory provisions.
  • The Expert Panel and the Innovation Committee should not be liable for any violation of IPR, or
    license or permits etc. in any event required from the third party.
  • The deliverables expected of this grand challenge from the applicants are as follows:
    • Design a Solar Cooker for a family- 5 people
    • Design a Solar Cooker for small community cooking- 50 people
    • Design a Solar Cooker for large community cooking- 300 people
  • The desirable requirements of the applicants are as follows: 
    • Bills of materials with supporting documents in the claim to the declared as the cost of the system.
    • The claimed performance of the system should be on a normal sunny day (direct beam radiation above 700 Watts/sqm and ambient temperature of more than 25 degrees Celsius).
    • If any special utensils are required to enhance its performance, it must be clearly indicated
      in the proposal along with its cost.
    • The critical components used in the proposed designing should have a life of at least five years.
    • If the reflectors are used in the design, it should have a minimum reflective life of five years and its
      reflectivity should not go down below 75%. 

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This scholarship is closed for further applications. It is expected to be launched by August, 2022. You can follow this scholarship for further updates.

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