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Scholarships for Income Based Girls Specific Scholarship for Class 1 to 10 Pre-Matric in Punjab

4days to go
AwardAdmission fee, tuition fee, maintenance allowance
EligibilityClass 1 to 10
4days to go
AwardINR 12,000 per annum
EligibilityClass 9 students
4days to go
AwardUp to INR 1,840
EligibilityClass 1 to 10 students
4days to go
AwardUp to INR 6,000
EligibilityMinorities' girl students studying in Class 9 to 12
Last day to go31Dec, 20
AwardINR 15,000
EligibilityStudents of Class 10 to 12 (Children of Commercial Vehicle Drivers)
Always Open
AwardUp to INR 3,500 per year
EligibilityClass 8 to 12 students

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