Why are scholarships provided to students only? Can educational insitutions get scholarships as well?
Posted by Ankur Gupta on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Anamika Sharma

2 years ago

Scholarships are meant to benefit students directly without any middle intervention. Scholarships provided in form of direct benefit, help students to choose their career on their own and utilize the fund to the best maximum limit possible. Scholarship funds are generally not large enough to benefit multiple institutions, which limits their overall social impact. Scholarships for educational institutions limit the benefit to students only affiliated to the particular institutions while scholarships provided to students can be utilized by students across a geographic or social domain.

Yes, there are scholarships which are provided to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions as well. They are called grants. Most of such grants are provided for research-based institutions but some of such scholarships are also provided to non-academic institutions on a project basis. NGOs and other institutions working in the field of education can avail such scholarships, fellowships, and grants. Grants are also provided to individuals as well.

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