where is the helpline center? Should we contact helpline center or is there some checking there ?
Posted by Neha Patel on 7 months ago

2 Answers

Mohammad Roman

2 months ago

  • Hello sir, I had filled the form for scholarship. When we saw his status first, the slot was booked in it. A phone call was also sent stating that your slot has been booked. Your interview will be done this week. Then on the third day when we saw the status. So it is showing off instead of the book slot. I also called those whose calls came, they said that the date is over. Deadline on that August 31 is still showing. Please help us and book my slot. Again you had applied for Asha for the scholarship and I had applied for three other scholarships, but so far there is no response from buddy4study and I have also applied for the EWS scholarship Applied on this, the status is showing off. Mara contact number is 6386663632, all forms are applied from this number. thanks you buddy4study

Anup Kumar

7 months ago

Dear Student

Please post your query over here. Send us your registered phone number or email ID so that we can solve your queries related to scholarship.

Team Buddy4Study

Riya ghosh

2 days ago

Why my scholarship not submitted mobile???

Ramsha Naseem

2 days ago

I have filled scholarship form but not received any calls or messages till now. Please help me

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