What is the meaning of eligibility criteria for scholarships?
Posted by Ankur Gupta on 2 years ago

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4 months ago

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Aatif Nafees

8 months ago

Eligibility comprises of all the conditions an applicant has to fulfill in order to get a scholarship. It can be educational qualification, gender, special category like ST/SC/OBC/Disability, domicile, and much more. Sometimes there are tests taken and the minimum score is set as eligibility as well.

Shruti Pandey

2 years ago

All scholarships are always meant to benefit a certain category of students or a precise social section. Eligibility criteria of scholarships are made for screening the candidates applying for scholarships to identify the candidates most worthy for the scholarship award. The eligibility criteria of any scholarship includes conditions and rules which apply to all applicants towards consideration of their application.

Eligibility Criteria generally includes rules of:-

  1. Academic Level (college, graduation, post-graduation, doctoral etc.)
  2. Family economic status (EWS-economically weaker section, BPL-below poverty line, etc.)
  3. Location of the applicant (regional, national, or international)
  4. Academic Performance (academic scores, awards, etc.)
  5. Talent performance parameters (Position achieved in competitions, etc.)
  6. Social community parameters (religion, caste, gender, etc.)
  7. Professional parameters (if applicable, then professional level, professional qualification,
  8. Professional experience, research publications)
  9. Special terms (like disabled applicants, accident victims, etc.)
  10. Recommendations (if applicable)

Not all such parameters are listed in every scholarship criteria, nor every scholarship requires such deep screening of applicants. Still, it is suggested that students explore the complete eligibility criteria of any scholarship program, to identify the most appropriate scholarship for their qualification. Complete information about eligibility criteria also helps students to fill their application forms in a better way.

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