What documents are required to submit if I am a sports enthusiast and have achieved local level champion certificates? Am I still eligible for sports scholarship?
Posted by Anamika Sharma on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Ankur Gupta

2 years ago

Students applying for sports-based scholarships are generally required to provide the requisite certificates of achievement at various levels of competitions. Scholarships based on the level of competition (cluster, district, state, national, international) require appropriate performance certificates to be produced for consideration. Documents required for sports-based scholarships include:-

  1. Sports event certificates of achievement
  2. Health Checkup certificate
  3. Sponsor certificate (if any, and if applicable)

Students need to submit their academic records as well to support their application in such cases. In addition to document submission, some sports-based scholarships also require the applicant to undergo trails and practice sessions. They may also be required to do training drills and circuit tests for applications. Not all scholarships carry such multi-level screening procedures.

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