What are the scholarship options for students who are disabled? How do scholarships help physically disabled?
Posted by Anamika Sharma on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Shreyasee Sen

2 years ago

Scholarships for the disabled are provided by both government and non-government bodies. Such scholarships are not limited to tuition fee or academic expense benefits, but they also cover non-academic expenses to assist students for their accommodation expenses. Government scholarships like Pre-Matric Scholarship for Disabled, Scholarship for Special Education & Vocational Training are run every year to benefit physically and mentally challenged/impaired; specially-abled students. Some of these scholarships even help students with 20% or 30% disability. There are also loan based scholarship schemes for such students. All such information can be found on Buddy4Study website and students can also avail scholarship updates to know the latest information regarding these scholarships.

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