What are the benefits of Scholarships for students?
Posted by Shreyasee Sen on 2 years ago

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5 months ago

the benefits of scholarships is help to students education

Shreyasee Sen

2 years ago

Scholarships are meant to promote two educational factors:-

  1. Financial assistance of students in pursuing an education at all levels
  2. Promotion of academic/non-academic talent by incentivization
  3. The benefits for students applying for scholarships can be measured in various formats:-
  4. Monetary assistance in paying for academic expenses
  5. Reimbursement of academic/non-academic expenses
  6. Provision of educational aid in form of equipment, educational facilities (lab, uniform, books, stationery etc.)
  7. Exposure to exclusive programs only provided by educational institutions to scholarship/fellowship students
  8. Value addition to academic profile for career and professional opportunities

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