What are scholarships?
Posted by Shikhil Vyas on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Shruti Pandey

2 years ago

Scholarships are financial assistance provided to students in various formats to cover their academic and related expenses. Scholarships are provided mainly for three purposes, to promote talent, to provide financial assistance and to keep students from dopping out of education system. Scholarships can be in the form of monetary benefit or non-monetary reward. Scholarships are provided by both Government and Non-Government organizations.

Scholarships can be provided for both domestic and international education, they can also be provided by a national or international provider. There can be periodic scholarship programs which are announced every year, every 2 years or every 6 months. And then there are fixed term scholarships which are provided only once. There is always an eligibility criterion for scholarships, and any applicant satisfying such requirements can apply for these scholarships. Students are selected for scholarship benefits on the basis of either their economic condition or merit or talent expressed in a competition.

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