Is there any provision for financial assistance to arrange the documents required for scholarship application?
Posted by Anamika Sharma on 2 years ago

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6 months ago

yes surely contain financial assitance to arrange the documents required for scholarship application

Nijishadhas Dhas

6 months ago

scholarship docents are very important

Shreyasee Sen

2 years ago

Scholarship applications adhere to strict criteria of screening. Every scholarship program receives a number of applications ranging from a few hundred to as much as a few hundred thousand. Thus, it becomes imperative for the screening authorities to verify the complete information provided by the applicant. Incomplete applications are generally the ones to be rejected first. Check the complete application process guideline for each scholarship, provide complete necessary documents, and follow-up with your application. Follow-up is the most necessary part, sometimes scholarship providers seek additional documents and request another round of application, verification or screening. In such cases, the students or applicants who miss-out are the ones to be rejected.

The next reason could be the absence or fault of application documents. Please check the document checklist for scholarship application including the details of acceptability and format of documents. Sometimes scholarship providers only accept documents authorized by a certain authority only, and sometimes they have a specific format in which a document should be submitted (file size limit, file type, text spacing, text font etc.)

Filling the application form in the prescribed manner is the most fool-proof way of being considered for the scholarship. Besides this never rely on one scholarship application. Do not make multiple applications to the same program but do apply to multiple scholarships to increase your chances of getting at least one scholarship. There is a lot of competition and there is always a merit or means factor that can outcast your application, so apply for more than one scholarship.
Also, only apply for the scholarship which lists eligibility criteria you can satisfy. Do not apply to random scholarships, there are cases when applications are rejected because of overqualification of the applicant. Apply for a scholarship that best matches your profile and provides you with maximum benefit.

Hemant Kumar Yadav

2 days ago



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