Is there any caste based or academic percentage based criteria for the scholarships? Are there other criteria of selections as well?
Posted by Shruti Pandey on 2 years ago

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5 months ago

yes based on caste and academic percentage...no

Nijishadhas Dhas

5 months ago


Ankur Gupta

2 years ago

Scholarships across the world are mainly provided on three basic criteria: academic merit, financial need, and talent. But there are additional criteria for scholarships as well. Students are profiled on the basis of caste and religion for some specific scholarships. There are even location-based criteria for regional domicile applicants to some scholarships. The most prominent criteria used for scholarship profiling is the academic score. Some scholarships (merit-based) require students to score highest above a certain qualifying percentage rate, while some programs require them to just pass from their previous class or qualifying examination with a minimum eligibility score. Such scholarships surely have secondary eligibility criteria mostly in the form of income limitation or community (caste, minority, gender) condition. There are scholarships for each such variation, and students can opt from a wide range of options. All such scholarships are categorized and listed under organized tabs at Buddy4Study Website.

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