Posted by Ankur Gupta on 4 years ago
Is giving a test necessary to avail a scholarship?

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Every scholarship has certain criteria for selection. The selection criteria is based on the kind of scholarship being offered, merit, means or talent. It is not necessary that every scholarship includes a testing mechanism for selection of students. Most merit-based scholarships are based on the examination scores already achieved by the student in an academic institution. All means based scholarships only require students to adhere by economic eligibility criteria. It is the talent-based scholarships which require applicants to pass test or screening procedure which may or may not involve an interview process as well. It is not necessary that students have to give a written or oral test per se for such scholarships, the screening could also be done in the form of a personal, telephonic or web-based interview. Test or examination based scholarships are generally a part of admission programs which provide tuition fee waiver, compensations or additional benefits based on competitive scores achieved by the applicants. However compared to the availability of non-examination based scholarship schemes, the schemes which require tests are very less in number.

Posted by Anamika Sharma on 4 years ago

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