Is Domicile certificate a must for getting scholarship ? We could not apply for the same as we are staying on rent in a city but we have fulfilled the minimum continuous staying period which is the primary criteria of having a domicile .
Posted by firoz ahmed on a year ago

4 Answers

Nijishadhas Dhas

5 months ago

In this scenario the students need to get a domicile certificate issued by authorized person to apply the scholarship

Praveen Tripathi

10 months ago


Aatif Nafees

10 months ago

Domicile certificate is a mandatory document for all region based scholarships and some other. For those students who are not living in their state of origin, rather living in some other state, can apply for the scholarships offered by their home state. If an applicant has fulfilled the condition of domicile for their current residence state, can go to the authority e.g tehsildar etc to complete their paperwork and then apply for the scholarship.

Shruti Pandey

a year ago

Having a domicile certificate is mandatorily required for state level scholarships or scholarships which are region-specific. In this scenario, the students need to get a domicile certificate issued by the authorised person to apply for the scholarship.

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