I did not receive scholarship last year, despite the fact that I have submitted my documents and applied correctly for the scholarship. Am I still eligible to apply for scholarships to fund further studies?
Posted by Ankur Gupta on 2 years ago

2 Answers


5 months ago

yes eligible

Shreyasee Sen

2 years ago

Yes, you are eligible for scholarship application again. You are also eligible to apply for a scholarship in your next classes, academic level; provided the scholarship eligibility criteria allows it. The only cases when you're not allowed to re-apply for scholarships are:-

  1. When the scholarship program does not wants to benefit existing scholars repeatedly
  2. When the scholarship criteria bar students from applying if they are already a benefactor of some other scholarship program
  3. When the scholarship tenure is yet not over and a student tries to apply for the scholarship again
  4. When the student does not fulfill the eligibility criteria for re-application

You would need to compare your previous application and refer to the best practices of scholarship application for having a higher chance of getting the scholarship. Students can also avail the Buddy4Study scholarship application assistance to increase their chances of getting a scholarship.

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