How to renew the scholarship?
Posted by Shruti Pandey on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Shreyasee Sen

2 years ago

Scholarships that are run on a year-by-year basis and provide an opportunity for renewal generally require students to go through a renewal process. Students who wish to have their scholarship renewed need to follow these steps to do so:-

  1. Check the eligibility criteria of scholarship renewal and compare if your application meets them.
  2. Confirm that you have all the pre-application documents available including previous year academic records (even if the scholarship guidelines do not mention it)
  3. Confirm from the scholarship authority or visit Buddy4Study website to confirm the renewal application process
  4. Based on the information of the renewal process, if the renewal application is offline, get the re-application form from requisite authority and submit it with the required documents as prescribed
  5. If the renewal application is to be done online, then follow the due process
    In case of any issue please get in touch with scholarship providing authority, and if still presented with any further limitation contact Buddy4Study Scholarship Counsellors

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