how to change my profile name
Posted by Kavitha kavitha on 9 months ago

1 Answers

Aatif Nafees

9 months ago

Name, surname, email, gender and religion can not be changed in the profile information. If you still need assistance, please write to us at info@buddy4study.com.

Team Buddy4Study

Lakshmi Prassuna

2 days ago

i need to change my name as sur name was not included and my name is incorrect

Dhinssh kanna R

Sir I need to change my name spelling which was incorrect

Ramjee Chaurasiya

2 days ago

sir I need to changed my name 



2 days ago

I need to change the first name because the last name and first name all together in first name. Thus for ews scholarship application cannot be submitted so please help me. Last date of submission is tomorrow please help me??

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