how to change date of birth in profile
Posted by RONGALI DURGAPRASAD on 10 months ago

1 Answers

Aatif Nafees

10 months ago

Hi Rongali.

Name and a few other details can not be changed in the profile. If you had made a mistake and want to rectify it, please write to us at info@buddy4study.com.

Best Wishes
Team Buddy4Study

Vidhu V

2 days ago

Bt then we can't be able to submit the application know ?

Liza Deka

2 days ago

sir ..my profile wanna going to wrong date of birth.so i am changing no my date of birth


sir, I want to change my date of birth from 22/10/2000 to 23/10/2000. sorry for wrong entry by mistake...

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