How does the student get the scholarship amount? Is bank account necessary for getting scholarship amount?
Posted by Ankur Gupta on 2 years ago

2 Answers


5 months ago

apply the correct details to sholarship then get the amount...yes our bank helped to me...

Anamika Sharma

2 years ago

Depending on the kind of scholarship there are multiple ways in which the scholarship sum can be awarded to the student. Scholarships which provide tuition fee waiver can either pay the student's academic fees on their behalf to the educational institutions, or they can altogether waive the fees dues of the student. Similarly, compensatory scholarships provide reimbursement to students after they have paid their academic expenses. Students need to submit the dues receipts to receive the reimbursement in form of scholarships.

There is another method known as Direct-Benefit-Transfer (DBT) which provides the scholarship sum directly to the bank account of the student. In order to get the direct benefit students would need to provide authentic details of their bank account while applying for the scholarship. Some scholarship also provides benefits to students in form of cheques, cash, and demand-drafts, but with an increase in government regulation and increasing online banking usage, most scholarships go for DBT. This does not mean that student needs to have internet banking enabled for their bank account.

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