How can I find information about scholarships?
Posted by Ankur Gupta on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Shruti Pandey

2 years ago

To find more information about scholarships, students need to be vigilant enough and their scholarship objective should be clear. Once students know what kind of scholarship they are looking for (education-level based, financial-need based, social category based etc.) students can gather scholarship information from various sources. The best source to find all scholarship information in one place is Buddy4Study. Students can visit the Buddy4Study.com website and gather information about curated scholarship according to their requirement. They can also download the android application of Buddy4Study to find all this information. Students are suggested to opt for scholarship updates to receive the latest information about scholarships and fellowships. Other sources of information regarding scholarships are national daily newspapers, radio broadcasts, and print magazines. Students can also try to get information about government scholarships from the educational institution authorities, regional support groups, and education related NGOs. Students may also ask their educational institutions about ongoing scholarships camps, seminars organized regularly by Buddy4Study across the nation. Finally, students can visit official websites of scholarship providers to check the latest information about scholarships and fellowship programs.

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