How can a student get information from Buudy4Study? How Buddy4Study will help us?
Posted by Anamika Sharma on 2 years ago

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6 months ago

to get email or sms... share to account


2 days ago



Ankur Gupta

2 years ago

Buddy4Study is India's largest scholarship portal which provides easy access to scholarships with end-to-end application support to scholarship seekers. Students can find the latest information on scholarships, get application assistance and personalized updates about matching scholarships from this portal. The main benefits of using the Buddy4Study Scholarship Website and Mobile Application are:-

Accessibility: Students can find verified and understandable information of over 5000+ scholarships provided every year worth crores of scholarship amount

  1. Personalization: By registering on Buddy4Study students can get matching updates (via SMS and E-Mail) about the appropriate scholarships based on their academic and economic levels
  2. Ease of application: Find all information about the scholarship at one place, and get application assistance to maximize your chance of getting the scholarship
  3. Holistic Education Services: find international study assistance with Buddy4Study and also avail custom-made education loan services with Buddy4Study EduLoans

Students can avail the listed benefits from Buddy4Study website by registering with their email address and providing their level of education details. This will provide them with filtered results of scholarships which they are eligible for. Students can also become a premium member of Buddy4Study Scholarship Portal and avail scholarship application assistance from experts, curated scholarship updates, online profile creation and exclusively personalized counseling.

Vayya Swarnalatha

2 days ago

How can I know about my status in booking slot

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