Can I visit Buddy4Study office for scholarship application or can I directly submit my docs on Buddy4Study so that they can submit my application?
Posted by Ankur Gupta on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Anamika Sharma

2 years ago

As much as Buddy4Study would like to have its study buddies visit its offices, Buddy4Study won't be able to apply for any scholarships on your behalf. Students can only submit documents of application for the scholarship programs which mention exclusively, that scholarship documents are to be posted to Buddy4Study Address. Students can also submit the documents to a Buddy4Study Counsellor or Buddy4Study Scholarship Spock if there is one available at your educational institution (during a scholarship seminar, scholarship boot camp or another scholarship event), but only for scholarships which mandate the document submitted to Buddy4Study.

For scholarship application assistance students can call the scholarship counselors or contact via email for any queries.

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