Can I still attend the scholarship interview, in absence of original documents? Am i eligible for scholarship award after selection even if I don't have the original documents?
Posted by Shreyasee Sen on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Anamika Sharma

2 years ago

Buddy4Study strongly suggests that students should always keep their original academic, identification and financial documents safe and handy throughout the process of scholarship application till scholarship award. In absence of original documents to be submitted for verification, students can follow the following steps:-

  1. Get the copies of original documents attested by issuing authority (college, bank, RTO, etc.) or government authority (magistrate or gazetted officer)
  2. Arrange for renewal or reissue of the original document, in case there is still time for document verification
  3. Have the original documents attested by an educational institution (registrar, dean, principal etc.)

These steps do not guarantee that all scholarship providers will accept the alternate documents but most of them do allow in circumstances supported by valid justifiable reasons. Students should confirm with the scholarship authorities before visiting the document verification or interview center in such cases. Students don't need to panic as generally attested documents are accepted by all scholarship providers, baring government providers which need original documents for sure.

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