Are scholarships only meant for a limited period of time? Are scholarships only provided for one year?
Posted by Ankur Gupta on 2 years ago

1 Answers

Shruti Pandey

2 years ago

Scholarship tenure depends on the scholarship design. If the scholarship is a multi-year scholarship then it provides benefits for every year throughout the program duration. If the scholarship program is a monthly benefits program, then it could also provide benefits on a month-by-month basis till the scholarship tenure lasts. Such scholarships which are provided periodically and repeatedly, generally require students to maintain some academic parameters like, attendance or academic merit (in terms of scores) etc. Still there are scholarships which only provide one time fixed benefit, which means all the monetary/non-monetary awards will be provided to the selected scholar one time only. There are also scholarships which pay the scholars academic fees directly to the educational institution, which makes it a fixed one-time benefit provided in multiple installments. Students need to check complete details of scholarship award medium, scholarship award type and scholarship award schedule to confirm such details.

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