Reliance Foundation Scholarships 2023-24

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About the Programme


Reliance has been providing scholarships to meritorious students for over 25 years, inspired by Reliance Founder-Chairman Shri Dhirubhai Ambani’s belief that the best way to ensure the nation’s progress is to invest in its youth.
In 2023-2024, Reliance Foundation will support up to 5,000 meritorious undergraduate and postgraduate students from underprivileged sections of society studying in any stream of their choice through the Reliance Foundation Scholarships.

The aim of this scholarship is to nurture and empower meritorious students and work together to generate robust, vibrant and engaged alumni networks, enabling scholars to pursue higher education, emerge as young professionals, and drive India’s growth.

Reliance Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

The Reliance Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships aim to support up to 5,000 meritorious students based on a merit-cum-means criteria for their undergraduate college education, empowering them to continue their studies without financial burden. The Scholarships aim to enable students to become successful professionals and realize their dreams, unlocking their potential to lift themselves and their communities up and contribute towards India’s future socio-economic development.

Students with a household income of under Rs. 15 lakh who are enrolled in the first-year of their undergraduate studies pursuing any subject stream can apply. The programme will also aim to 
encourage applications by girls and specially-abled students.

Reliance Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Reliance Industries Limited aims to play a catalytic role in addressing India’s development challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions. Led by Founder and Chairperson Smt. Nita Ambani, Reliance Foundation is relentlessly working to facilitate transformative changes for the overall well-being and higher quality of life for all. Reliance Foundation is focused on addressing the nation’s development challenges in rural transformation, education, health, sports for development, disaster management, women empowerment, urban renewal and arts, culture and heritage, and has touched the lives of more than 64 million people across India, in more than 53,000 villages and several urban locations. 

  • Reliance Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 2023-24

    An applicant must -

    • Be a resident Indian citizen
    • Have passed standard 12th with minimum 60% marks and is attending a full-time undergraduate degree programme in India
    • Have household income less than Rs. 15 Lakhs (preference given to income less than Rs. 2.5 Lakhs)
    • Aptitude Test is mandatory

    The following students are not eligible:

    • Students who are in the 2nd year or higher
    • Students pursuing their degree through online, remote, distance or any other non-regular modes
    • Students who have passed the Diploma after 10th Std 
    • Students pursuing 2 years undergraduate degree
    • Students who do not answer the mandatory aptitude test or are found cheating during the test

    Up to INR 2,00,000 over the duration of the degree programme.
    NOTE: Reliance Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship will go beyond financial support by providing students with network opportunities through a strong alumni network.

    • Applicant’s photograph (passport-size)
    • Address Proof (permanent address)
    • Marksheets of Class 10 and 12 board examination
    • Bonafide Student Certificate of current college/institution of enrollment
    • Family income proof issued by Gram Panchayat/Ward Counsellor/Sarpanch/Income Proof issued by SDM/DM/CO/Tehsildar
    • Official Disability Certificate issued by relevant Government authority (if applicable)
    How can you apply?
    • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below.
    • Login to Buddy4Study using a registered ID to land on the 'Online Application Form Page.'
    •  If not registered - Register at Buddy4Study with your Email/Mobile number/Gmail account
    • You will now be redirected to the ‘Reliance Foundation Scholarships 2023-24’ official page. Please note that your application form has to be submitted on the Reliance Foundation official page.
    • Fill out the online Eligibility Questionnaire. 
    • If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, you will be sent an email invitation with log-in information to apply through Reliance Foundation’s application portal.
    • Log in to the application portal using the username and password received in the email.
    • Fill out the scholarship application form and upload the necessary documents. 
    • Submit the application.

    Important Note: 

    • All applicants are required to complete an online mandatory aptitude test as part of their application. 
    • Once the application is submitted, the applicants will receive a confirmation email including the date/time of the online exam and instructions for performing a system compatibility check. 
    • Applicants will receive an email with a unique link to perform a practice test (optional but recommended) one week before the final test. The final exam unique link will be sent one day prior to the aptitude test.
    • Applications will be considered complete only when you have completed the aptitude test. Scores will be directly sent to Reliance Foundation once the test is submitted. Applicants will not be notified about their scores.

In case of any queries, please reach out to:

For UG Scholarship -

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How are Reliance Foundation Scholarships paid?

    By direct transfer into students’ bank accounts on a yearly basis.

  • How are the Reliance Foundation Postgraduate Scholars selected?

    The Reliance Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships will identify and select the best and brightest students in India through a rigorous and competitive selection process. The selection will be made on merit-cum-means basis.

  • What is the scholarship aptitude test?

    All applicants are required to complete an online mandatory aptitude test as part of their application. 
    The aptitude test will be a proctored, multiple-choice exam (non-adaptive). Students can take the test from anywhere online and should complete the test on their own, in a quiet space, with no external support and no access to technology outside of the test screen.

    Aptitude Test Dos: 

    • Take the assessment in full-screen 
    • Keep your face identifiable in the video feed at all times
    • Keep your camera and microphone on at all times 
    • Share your screen feed before attempting the test

    Aptitude Test Don’ts:

    • Don’t open different windows or tabs on your browser 
    • Don’t have anyone else in the room 
    • Don’t make anyone else take your test
    • There should be no conversation or noise in the background 

    Specially-abled students will be able to indicate whether they need assistance to take the aptitude test, and the type of assistance needed when submitting their application form. The exam proctors will be notified and will accommodate as necessary.

  • What is the format and content of the aptitude test?

    Students will have 60 minutes to complete three sections that will test them on the three abilities below. All questions are multiple-choice. Specially-abled students will get 30 minutes extra to complete the test (10 minutes extra for each section).

    • Verbal Ability - Tests an individual’s word power ability in spotting errors, sentence completion, attributes of Grammar, reading comprehension etc., to primarily understand the depth of knowledge in the English language.
    • Analytical and Logical Ability – Tests an individual’s ability to analyze the given situation, break down the problem situation, identify the root cause, and provide solutions. This ability helps an individual to help foresee a problem and plan a solution accordingly.
    • Numerical Ability - Tests an individual’s ability to solve mathematical problems using their capable reasoning skill to interpret, analyze and arrive at a conclusion with attributes such as ratios, percentages, number sequence, data interpretation etc.
  • What is the structure and marking scheme of the aptitude test?



    No. of Multiple Choice Questions

    Time (Minutes)



    Verbal Ability





    Analytical and Logical Ability





    Numerical Ability









    *- Specially-abled students will get 10 extra minutes per section (90 minutes total)

  • Do I have to pay a fee to take the aptitude test?

    No. There is no fee for taking the aptitude test.

  • What values must scholars embody to get selected for the Reliance Foundation Scholarships 2023-24?

    The Reliance Foundation is looking for scholars who possess the following values:

    • Excellence: 

    Scholars who are committed to excellence, in spirit and action, in everything they pursue, both academic and non-academic. Scholars who have a mindset of giving their best, seeking new and better ways to approach challenges and continually working to improve themselves. 

    • Leadership Potential: 

    Scholars who have the potential and ambition to become India's and the World’s Leaders of Tomorrow.

    • Integrity: 

    Scholars who strive to be honest and forthright. They take accountability and responsibility for their actions, decisions, and behaviours.

    • Community Commitment: 

    Scholars who show a moral force of character and instinct to lead in their communities for the advancement of society. Scholars who commit to work for the social good and give back to society.

    • Growth Mindset: 

    Embodying Reliance’s spirit that “Growth is Life”, the foundation is looking for scholars who dream big and have an ever-evolving spirit. They possess a love of learning and continually strive to develop and improve themselves and support others to do the same.

    • Courage: 

    Scholars who are resilient, patient, and tenacious. Students who embrace challenges with passion and conviction as opportunities to grow.

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