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The best way to continuously engage readers is to produce great content. With the growing digital penetration, a large segment of your readership/listenership comes from students in the age groups of 16-24 years. Does your publication publish content that is of interest to them? How do you fulfill their demand for content that can help them better shape their careers? This is the reason why admission and job alerts are one of the most popular sections and publishers have come up with dedicated supplements on these segments.

At Buddy4Study, we regularly publish current, relevant and curated content related to scholarships. This content is appropriate for the entire student community of India. We are partners with more than 100 media houses at regional, national & International levels. This list includes leading dailies, online digests, magazines, special publications, TV channels and Community Radio Stations.

What do we offer?

As a part of our media alliance, we furnish daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly ready - to - publish content for our partners.This content is in the form of latest scholarship alerts, articles related to new scholarships / Fellowships and information pieces.

Curated contentCurated content related to scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, Contest & Olympiads.

Timely contentAll the content is provided to our media partners well in advance for publication.

Official Recognition on our portalThe media forums will be recognized in our media partners list on our website and social media

Authentic contentBeing India's largest scholarship platform, we know of genuine and fraudulent scholarships information. We make sure only authentic scholarship information is shared with our media partners.

Co–branding on our linksThe URL will carry the media forums's short form, eg. CD, giving you equal credit for being a partner.

Targeted and Exclusive Scholarship InformationWhenever available, we keep our partners informed of scholarships that are exclusively meant for the students of a specific region. This benefits newspapers, additionally.

What do you get?

Ready- to - publish content in a language of your choice

Curated content for the circle of your publication / broadcast / telecast

Timely scholarships alerts that are of interest to students across India

Verified information about latest scholarships

Articles about new government / non - government scholarship schemes

Daily / weekly / fortnightly / monthly content as per your publication sections

Ready - to - use content in the format of your choice, depending on the space you can devote

Our Media Partners