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Top scholarships for PhD applicants

A PhD is fairly considered the highest academic achievement in a field and owing to their high level of expertise in their chosen field, holders of a PhD degree earn the right to be referred to as a Doctor. Unless you wish your symptoms to be diagnosed as emblematic of the deeply problematic ontological hegemony of the west, however, they are not the kind of doctors you would run to in a case of medical emergency.

All jokes aside, though, only the most dedicated scholars ever reach that pinnacle of academic accomplishment – a doctorate. Obtaining a PhD requires many years of dedication and hard-work, and not to forget, years of college tuition.

Without adequate financial support, it would be tough for academics to pursue a PhD. Thankfully, there are many scholarship schemes available for PhD students and applicants in India.

To help you get started, here is a list of some of the top scholarships for PhD applicants:

Commonwealth Master's and PhD Scholarships, UK 2018

This scholarship scheme was introduced by Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK which aims to provide financial assistance to the meritorious students for studying full-time Masters and Ph.D. studies in the United Kingdom. Candidate who have obtained a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) honours standard, or a second-class degree and a Master's degree or relevant postgraduate qualification by October 2018 are eligible for the scholarship.

University of Edinburgh Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarship 2018

Introduced by the University of Edinburgh for students enrolling in a PhD programme. The scholarship offers a distinctive opportunity for postgraduate students to undertake a research in key areas like data science, teaching, public engagement, entrepreneurship, and research. Candidates who have obtained a minimum of 7.0 score or higher in IELTS within past two years can apply for the scholarship.

The Aberdeen Curtin Alliance PhD Scholarship 2018

The University of Aberdeen in alliance with the Curtin University introduced this scholarship for the meritorious students all over the world for the PhD program. The objective of this scholarship is to give the students a chance to undertake collaborative PhD in the available projects.

PhD Research Fellowships in Energy Informatics 2018

The University of Oslo has introduced this scholarship with the objective to achieve a balanced gender composition in the organization and to recruit people with ethnic minority backgrounds. The fellowships will be provided for a period of 3 years. To be eligible for the scholarship a candidate must have good knowledge in programming and mathematics, and in English.

Indian Oil-Simon Fraser University Canada PhD Fellowship 2017-18

Simon Fraser University, Canada, in collaboration with Indian Oil is providing fellowships to Indian students who want to pursue PhD program. SFU will provide a stipend and tuition award during the year at SFU. Selected Indian citizens will be allowed to spend one year at SFU and further three years at Indian Oil’s R&D Centre.

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