Studying Law and Business in Israel: All you should know

Higher education institutions in Israel are known for their academic credibility. With several colleges, universities, and institutes ranked amongst the highest in the world, Israel offers international students a high-quality academic experience for sure. The universities in Israel rank in the top 100 best universities in the world, while the country’s population is the second most educated in the world. Many institutions in the country offer programs in English, providing a unique international learning environment designed for foreign students to learn and succeed.

Israel as a Start-Up Nation

Also known as the ‘Start-Up Nation’, Israel is a land of business, innovation, and technology. With the world’s highest investment per capita in start-up companies, the country is a hotbed of hi-tech activities.

Studying in Israel will give international students an opportunity to experience and participate in country’s vibrant start-up culture and eco-system. Some of the well-known companies such as Wix, Conduit, Fiverr and the mobile app sensation Waze, are headquartered in Israel.

Studying Law in Israel

Like any country, Israel too deals with a lot of legal challenges such as – minority rights and basic human rights. However, the country has several unique issues to address such as enacting a constitution, finding a golden path to solve conflicts between religious laws and freedom rights, etc.

Several schools offer special programs in which you will be able to combine your law studies with other fields such as criminology, economics or politics. Institutions like College of Law and Business offer Bilingual LLB and Business Studies for Indian students, to promote diversity studies in Israel. All universities and most of the private colleges hold legal aid clinics in which the students get the chance to make their first steps in practicing law.

Admission to Law courses

Applicants for a full LL.B. program must include in their regular application, a short essay and two recommendation letters. The Admission for a semester or a yearlong program is based on the law students’ grades at their original ongoing programs abroad. In this way, the CLB (College of Law and Business) Bilingual LLB, offers a great opportunity for Indian students to try and practice international law in the Start-Up nation and escalate their future avenues in International Business Career.

Studying Business in Israel

Most Business Management programs – MBA and MA Management – are designed to be completed in two years over the course of four semesters. However, students can choose a one-year track (three semesters). With the Op-eds available their and the opportunities for workshops at Harvard, Kassel University, Paris’s ICC; one can’t fathom to wonder how much the Israel has to offer.

Visa procedure

Foreign students who are interested to study Law and Business in Israel need to get a student visa prior to officially enrolling in a higher education institute in Israel. The Indian Consulate assures that all this process runs very seamlessly for students willing to study over there.

Scholarship opportunities

A number of scholarships are available in Israel for foreign students who want to pursue higher education here. Scholarships for pursuing Law and Business also available here. The Government of Israel and top universities here offer a range of scholarships. Just like the CLB Scholarship 2018 which offers US$4500 for assistance to Indian Students pursuing Bilingual LLB and Business BA Program.

To be eligible for these scholarships, international students must hold a BA or BSc degree (or higher) and have a good record of academic achievement. Proof of English is a must to avail any scholarship. The applicant must meet the academic requirements of the Israeli universities to which he/she applies. Some of the prominent scholarships include Israel Government Scholarships and Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship.

About College of Law and Business

The College of Law and Business (CLB) in Israel offers College of Law and Business Scholarship for Indian Students, Israel 2018. This scholarship is exclusively for Indian students who want to pursue Law and Business in the CLB. Students who have passed Class 12 with 78% marks and are willing to pursue an English Business BA program or Bilingual LLB program can apply for this scholarship.