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VINNMER Marie Curie Incoming 2016

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open16-Mar-2016
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Award50% of salary costs - additional relevant and justifiable costs Relating to mobilit
EligibilityResearchers with 4years experience
RegionAll India

What is VINNMER Marie Curie Incoming 2016?

VINNOVA is the Swedish innovation agency. We will strengthen Sweden's innovation capacity for sustainable growth and social benefit.

We do this by funding research and innovation projects and to offer networking, meetings and analyzes. We address to you in the community that are important to Sweden's innovativeness - for example, knowledge-intensive companies, universities, research institutes and public organizations. We are also national contact authority for the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the Government's expert authority on innovation policy.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Experienced researchers of all nationalities who have at least four years of research experience

How can you apply ?

Application process can be done through website only.

Here you will find a step-by-step guide to the application process that helps you to prepare you for submitting your application. The guide assumes a typical call.Note that certain calls, such as Research & Grow, have special forms that are not consistent with this guide. See instructions for each call.

Keep in mind that the application process takes a long time even when you are well prepared, usually over 30 minutes, so we recommend that you start well before the deadline.

Register for a user account in VINNOVA's application portal Stakeholder portal long before you begin the application process. You will then have full access to the application form that you can print and use in the preparation process.


Go directly to any step in the process


New application

The first step in the application process where you enter the title of the project and can preview the application form.

If the application

Basic information about your project, start and end time, project summary.


Here you specify which of need, product and research area as it falls within.

Coordinating the project partners (Coordinator)

In this step, enter information about the organization that stands as coordinator.

The coordinator signatory

Information about the authorized signatory of the organization which stands as coordinator.

Project coordinator

Here you enter information about the project manager for the project applied for.

Budgeted costs and support

Description of project costs and funding, including private funding and any other funding.

Attachments, uploading files

Uploading of any attachments to the application.

Clear Highlight

Review before the application is sent to VINNOVA.

Terms and Conditions

Report a project

If your project gets funding us, you must submit a number of reports to us during the project. It is the project manager who submit these reports electronically to us via our Stakeholder Portal. In some calls, you must also fill in a special report template that Annex for reporting purposes.

All projects receiving funding from us, you must send:

  • an initial report at the start of the project
  • progress reports on the project receiving funding longer than a certain time
  • final report when the project ends
  • in some cases  after report after project completion.

All reports submitted through our online application portal, Stakeholder Portal, at the times shown in the project decision.

How to report

Here's how to submit a report:

Step 1: Once we decided on your project will be financed connected project manager's user account to your project. We will then send an e-mail message that reports should be submitted only by the user.

Step 2: Log on to the VINNOVA stakeholder portal.

Step 3: Go to the tab "My Projects" and select the Project by clicking on the project title.

Step 4: Open up to date and fill in all the information. Is something wrong, click on the "Go Back" and change. Do not forget to click "Save" button. When everything is correctly filled in, click on the "Send Report".

Step 5: Once we receive your report, we will send a confirmation of receipt to the project manager and head of department or the authorized signatory of the submitted report as an appendix. 

Specific reporting requirements

In some calls, you must fill in a special report template that Annex for reporting purposes. This is apparent when the decision.

Which calls requiring specific reporting template on the list in. Is your call is not listed, you do not need a special report template. Then simply fill in the progress or final report available in Stakeholder Portal.


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