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Vienna Doctoral Studentship for International Students 2017

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open06-Jan-2017
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What is Vienna Doctoral Studentship for International Students 2017?

Vienna Doctoral Studentship for International Students 2017 is a research, education, and training oriented initiative supported by the Austrian Science Foundation (ASF) which is providing a chance to the PhD experimental and theoretical particle physics international students. Its main objective is to acquire the knowledge needed for becoming competitive participants in the international particle and nuclear physics research community and are able to start their own successful career and it will give financial support, research environment and a broad educational system that have introductory and specialised physics as well as soft skill courses.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  • For Ph.D students.
  • Program on experimental and theoretical particle physics.
  • Students of any country.

How can you apply ?

Application can be done online with following steps:
Step 1: Fill the application form.

Step 2: Complete bio, contact, academic I& II, language, additional, interests, recommender, expression.

Step 3: Attach files.

Step 4: Send.

Terms and Conditions

Documents required:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV).
  • List of publications, posters and talks (if applicable).
  • Graded study records.
  • Expression of interest (why an applicant feel that s/he the right person to join the DK-PI).
  • Information on English skills.
  • Preferred date when an applicant would like to start the doctoral studies.
  • Two letters of recommendation (including one from applicant master’s thesis supervisor).
  • This program will not approach referees. Applicants have to ask their referees to send directly by email or by postal mail before the deadline.

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