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Trust Suvas 2016

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open31-Dec-2016
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What is Trust Suvas 2016?

The organization Trust Suvas consists of a group of persons who are acquainted with the hardship of a bright student. They are here to  support such bright students, who after clearing entrance test for an Institute of national repute for professional studies, finds it difficult either to secure admission or continue her/his studies owing to financial hardship.

Trust Suvas offer education assistance to the extent possible for such students who are unable to avail of financing from commercial banks because they have no property or deposits to pledge.  

  • They are here for those who, despite facing odds, wish to take their rightful place in society.
  • They are here for those whose dignity forbids them to accept charity and donation.
  • They are here for those whose words are their only guarantee and collateral security.
  • They are here for those whom commercial banks decline to help.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Eligibilty Conditions and Application form for Students:
The students who qualify all the following conditions are eligible to apply for the education assistance,

  • She/he has qualified for admission in govt/state run Institution for pursuing professional course.
  • The annual aggregate annual income of all the members of the family should not exceed Rs one lakh.
  • She/he should not be beneficiary of any other assistance including scholarship from any other source. 

Continuation of benefit will be incumbent upon following conditions: 

  • She/he continues to perform excellently in academics. 
  • She/he displays exemplary personal conduct in all walks of life. 

Any finding to contrary shall immediately disqualify the applicant for receiving assistance and any disbursement made earlier shall be recovered fully. 

Successful candidates will file an affidavit accepting these conditions/ sign an agreement with TrustSuvas to this effect. 

How can you apply ?

Aspirant may please fill up some elementary information in the downloadable form from website, fill and mail it along with the supporting document and attested by the authorised signatory of Institute.

Terms and Conditions

Vision & Mission:

TrustSuvas is a public charitable trust set up by a group of professionals and educationists. It aims at empowering children and women by assisting them in their education and self reliance through economic activities.

It is a fact that poor economic condition and ignorance about available opportunities create a vicious circle of poverty. This cycle can only be broken by education. An environment that can sustain education should also be supportive in creating or finding a income generating process for the family unit and educating the children at the same time. This method will wean away children from throes of labor and encourage them towards education and learning while their parents can develop a system of support through the time they complete their training without falling in debt traps and alienating their resources. 

TrustSuvas, among other objectives intends to educate and train the children from urban poor and rural background. They shall focus on children who are out of school owing to various compulsions and encourage them to merge with the mainstream of formal education. They plan to achieve this by setting up education centers in the selected slum settlements. These centres will be headed by a dedicated guide who will gradually nudge the children’s inclination towards literacy and rudimentary learning. The selected students will be educated through formal channels or alternate systems like NIOS. Their insistance will be on opening up their minds to education & learning and encourage them to take their rightful place in the society. They are willing to partner with the motivated Individuals, organisations and Institutions in their journey towards goal.

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