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The Start-up Research Grant 2015-16

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AwardA Grant of Rs. 6,00,000/-
EligibilityPhD Degree holders
RegionAll India
Scholarship provider contact details

Postal Address

National Coordinator
UGC Faculty Research Promotion Schemes
School of Chemistry
University of Hyderabad
Central University P.O.
Prof. C.R.Rao Road, Gachibowli
Hyderabad-500046 (A.P), India.

Email Address

What is The Start-up Research Grant 2015-16?

Creation of knowledge through research, and dissemination of a better understanding through teaching, are the primary objectives of a University. While both teaching and research are central to the realization of the objectives of these places of higher learning, research is often neglected in the University, particularly in India.

Taking note of steep decline in the research environment in Indian Universities, the Government of India, through the University Grants Commission, has taken several initiatives to arrest this trend and strengthen Basic Scientific Research in Indian Universities.

The Faculty Research Promotion Programme is one such innovative program, under which research support is provided at three levels to the faculties of the science departments (including medical and engineering sciences) at Indian Universities, which are eligible to receive developmental grants from the UGC.


You need to login using your email address and a password. Make sure you provide correct email address as this is where a copy of your submitted application and all future communication from UGC-FRPS will be received.

Note that all the fields are compulsory. If you have no data for any given field, type ‘NONE’.


The application form has five different sections, (1) to (5).

    1. Personal Details:

      In this section, you will be asked to provide some of your personal information. In addition, a second email-id (different from the one used for login) and your mobile number are to be provided.

    2. Professional Details:

      In this section, you will be required to furnish detailed information on your career, specifically you have to provide

      1. Date of joining this University as Assistant Professor
      2. Details of doctoral degree (year of award, title of thesis)
      3. Post- doctoral experience
      4. Publication details: You will be asked to upload a PDF file of your complete list of publications giving for each paper: title, names of all authors, journal, year, volume, page number and impact factor of the journal in a specified format. Only PDF file adhering strictly to the given format is acceptable.
    3. Grant-Related Information:

      You will be asked to upload a PDF file of your research proposal (should not exceed 5-6 pages and file size restricted to 5 MB) giving

      1. Title of the Project
      2. Introduction (this should contain the origin of the problem, a brief review of research &
        development in the field, national and international status, and significance of the study)
      3. Objectives
      4. Methodology
      5. Year-wise plan of work and targets to be achieved
      6. Details of collaboration, if any intended
      7. Planned break-up of the utilization of the grant(under the following heads-Minor Equipment, Consumables, Contingency, Field work, Travel)
      8. Any other information that you may like to give in support of this proposal that may help evaluation of the application.
    4. Declaration by the candidate:

      Here, you will be asked to authenticate a few statements.

    5. Endorsement of the University:You will be asked to upload a certificate (in the form of a PDF file in a given format endorsed by both the Head of the Department AND Head of the University. Note that certificates not adhering to the given format will not be accepted.


      After filling the form, please click the “Preview” button to view your application in the form of a PDF file. If you want to change any data you entered, kindly go back and make the changes or otherwise, click the “Submit” button. After you click this button your application will be immediately sent to the National Coordinator of the Programme, with a copy sent to your login email address.

      If you encounter any problem in submitting your application, please contact the National Coordinator.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

The following criteria must be complied with strictly:

  1. The applicant is an Assistant Professor who has been appointed against a permanent vacancy following due procedure of the University.
  2. The applicant is a Ph.D. with a minimum of two research publications in reputed journals (as determined by the impact factor of the journals and their inclusion in international databases like Scopus, SciFinder and Web of Science).
  3. The application is submitted within a period of one year from the date of joining the University.

How can you apply ?

If you are eligible for the grant please read the instructions carefully before filling the application form.

You will be asked to upload three (3) PDF files providing

  • complete list of publications giving for each paper : serial number, title of the paper, names of all authors, journal, year, volume, page and impact factor of the journal.

  • grant related information giving : project title, introduction, objectives, methodology, year-wise plan of work & targets to be achieved, details of collaboration, planned break-up of the utilization of the grant and any other information which the investigator may like to give in support of his proposal.

  • a certificate from your University in a given format.

You will be asked to provide additional information the details which you can be found in the instructions page.

They suggest that you login to apply for the grant only when you have in your possession the three PDF files and the required additional information.

Terms and Conditions

Nature of Assistance 

Start-Up Grant
A grant of Rs. 6.00 lakhs is provided, which can be utilised for items like minor equipment (cost not exceeding Rs. 1 lakh per item), consumables, contingencies, fieldwork, travel.

No Research Fellow, Project Assistant etc. can be appointed using this grant, as it is expected that the Assistant Professor, as a young researcher, will initially conduct the bench work by himself/herself. The grant cannot be utilized for foreign travel.

The grant is to be utilized within two years of approval.The recipient of the grant is required to send the Utilization Certificate and Statement of Expenditure through his/her University.

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