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Teenovators Innovation Challenge 2015

Deadline: 05-Aug-2015

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Teenovators is an Innovation Challenge for Teenagers.

It is a National level competition pan-India for students from 9th-12th grades. The whole idea behind Teenovators is to bring out and nurture innovation skills among young adults and faculty.

Initially partner schools are selected from across India. Students between 9th -12th Grades are given an opportunity to check their Innovation Quotient by writing a test. Each school selects a team of 5 students and a faculty member to work on the project. The students have to come up with a innovative idea that they want to work on and submit a white paper. Based on the merit of their idea, about 25% of the teams will be shortlisted by a panel of judges. These teams will then design a solution and submit it as a poster. This round will lead to selection of finalists. The finalists will then be given mentoring /guidance by industrial partners to develop a working model of the solution. The Finale will be held at Manipal by January where the shortlisted teams can come and defend their project before a panel of judges. The top 3 teams will be given cash prizes and certificates.

This whole experience of ideating, designing a solution, interacting with other innovators/industry experts and presenting their project would broaden the students’ perspective of the problems around them and motivate them to think of solutions to become a PART of the SOLUTION.


In 2015, Teenovators is open to 400 Higher Secondary Schools from the following cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Udupi, Manipal and Chandigarh. Students from classes 9th – 12th Standard with a strong passion and vision for creative and innovative solutions are encouraged to participate.

How to apply?

There are three stages of participation :

Preliminary Challenge – A total of 400 schools participate from across the country at the preliminary level. Each student participant takes up the ‘Teenovators Quotient Test’ (TQT) in their respective schools to qualify for the further levels of the program. In addition to this, each team of 5 students will submit a project proposal on the idea they will be working on (guidelines will be provided for creating the project proposal) within the first two weeks of the school signing off for this project.

Inter City Challenge–Out of the 400 proposals received, 100 are shortlisted to progress to the next level. At this stage, fairness will be ensured by allowing each city to have equal representation, so the top 12 schools from each city will be selected. These 100 will submit a poster about the project idea they will be working on. 24 out of these 100 teams will also be selected to participate in the INK Live conference in Mumbai which is scheduled to happen on October 16, 17 & 18 2015.

National Challenge – Based on the 100 posters presented, the top 8 teams will be selected and asked to prepare a prototype of the project they have proposed. The teams will travel to Manipal University, Manipal to present their prototypes for the final level.

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