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Technothlon Championship 2017

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open30-Jun-2017
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What is Technothlon Championship 2017?

Technothlon Championship 2017 is organized by the student community of IIT Guwahati. It invites application from class 9 to 12 students. The objective of this program is to inspire young minds and provide a platform to experience and acquire more knowledge. The selected students will receive certificates and prizes.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  • There are two squads:
  1. Junior Squad: Students of class 9th and 10th
  2. Hauts Squad: Students of class 11th and 12th
  • Students have to participate in teams of 2
  • The students can be part of the same class or as well as different class 
  • Students should consist exactly 2 members from the same squad and the same institution

How can you apply ?

The application can be done online or by a person with the following steps:
Step 1:
Click to register online.
Step 2: Select the state, city, and school.
Step 3: Now, select the medium and squad.
Step 4: Fill the details of participants.
Step 5: Submit.
Step 6: Now, pay the registration fee of INR 100.

By person:
Technothlon is conducted over various cities and centers with the help of city representatives. The city representatives are responsible for collecting the registrations. Participating schools can collect the registration fees of INR 100 themselves and then prepare a demand draft to be handed over to the city representatives.

Click to register for students who are from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya or from Kendriya Vidyalaya:

  • Technothlon conducts examination free of cost for all the students of these schools across the nation and overseas.
  • The examination will be held on 16th July 2017, in their schools. If a student wants to participate, can contact their principal.

For Principals or Teachers:

  • An official email containing all the required information & procedure has already been sent to all the regional headquarters as well as all the individual Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Kendriya Vidyalaya.
  • If an applicant has not received the email, kindly send an email at through their official email id and Technothlon will provide them with all the necessary details.
  • In case applicant did not receive the registration sheet, click here to download. Fill it with the details of applicants who wish to register and upload it to the portal link given in the email.
  • There is no limit on the number of registrations.

Applicants will be able to access Technopedia only after successful payment of registration fees.

Terms and Conditions

The championship is held in two stages:

  • Examination date: 16th July 2017
  • Examination duration: 2.5 hours
  • Sections: Maths, Puzzles, Code crunchers etc.
  • The 2 team students are given a common question paper and answer sheet and they can discuss it amongst themselves and attempt the paper together
  • These questions are designed in a way to check the problem-solving abilities of the students. This also involves the development of proper teamwork amongst the students thus leading to a wholesome development of students


  • Examination venue: IIT Guwahati during Techniche 2017
  • It is an event-based competition. It is conducted during 'Techniche', the Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati, held during the first week of September
  • The selected teams of the same squad compete against each other in various events
  • Each group should confront 3 occasions from which beat 5 groups from every squad will be chosen for the last confrontation
  • The occasions, similar to prelims, don't require any essential information and students will be instructed any additional learning they require. The occasions differ each year and before, there have been occasions like Robotics, Aircrash Investigation, Water Rocket and substantially more
  • In addition to these, students can attend the workshops and fun events to spend the night. Other than events, the students can witness the competitions of Techniche, attend the Lecture Series of famous personalities, watch Nite performances


  • Other than the top 100 students which are selected for mains in each squad (will be given Gold Certificates)
  • The next 400 students in both the squads are awarded Silver Certificates from Techniche, IIT Guwahati
  • Also there, are various other prizes to be won which will be disclosed later
  • Everyone participating in Technothlon 2017 will receive e-Certificate of Participation

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