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TANA Foundation's Graduate Scholarships 2016-17

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open30-Sep-2016
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Award$500 each semester
EligibilityTelugu students who resides in Andhra Pradesh and want to pursue higher education in the USA
RegionAndhra Pradesh
Scholarship provider contact details

26233 Taft Rd,
MI 48374
Tel: (937) 475-7809

What is TANA Foundation's Graduate Scholarships 2016-17?

TANA Foundation's Graduate Scholarships 2016-17 announced scholarship to study in the USA.

Selected 7 candidate will receive the scholarship amount of $2000, and the foundation will also track the progress report of all the candidates.

Selection will be based on 

  • need
  • merit,grades, and recommendations
  • scores in standardized tests like GRE, TOEFL
  • reputation of the College/University in India from which the applicant is graduating,
  • reputation of the school in North America in which the applicant is planning to pursue higher education,
  • the field of study in which the applicant is planning higher education,
  • extra curricular activities the applicant is proficient in,
  • only if the applicantis a Telugu student from Andhra Pradesh. Since the selection committee will consist of some non-Telugu professionals to avoid any bias in the selection process, it is essential that only truly meritorius and needy students are encouraged to apply so that the selection committee will not be inundated with too many applications to screen. It is also essential that all scholarship applications are received with all supporting documents on or before the last date.

The applicant's "need" will be assessed based on the information received 

  1. from the applicant, and
  2. from TANA Foundation's own sources in Andhra Pradesh.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  • Must have been admitted to a Graduate School in a US University in 2016-2017 academic year. Students already in the USA will not be eligible to apply.
  • Must show need for financial aid. TANA Foundation will assess the need based also on the information received independently from sources other than that provided by the applicant.
  • Each recipient must promise to support financially, through TANA Foundation, a new Telugu student from Andhra Pradesh within three years after arriving in the USA. Recipient must be willing to be in touch with TANA Foundation on half yearly basis until such promise is fulfilled.

How can you apply ?


e-Mail applications & scanned attachments of supporting documents may be sent to by September 30th 2016 by regular air mail or Express Mail only. Registered letters are not necessary and will only delay the applications.


  1. Name, Address with pin code and Phone number (if available) of applicant. 
  2. Profession and annual Income of applicant. (Enclose all documents in support) 
  3. Name, Address, and Phone number of Parents.
  4. Professions and annual incomes of parents. (Enclose all documents in support)
  5. Net worth of all assets (homes, cars, land, farms, business, savings, investments etc.) of applicant and parents together. (Enclose all documents in support)
  6. High School and College educational qualifications and work experience of the applicant. (Enclose a copy of the transcripts)
  7. Name, Address and Phone number of the department and the University in the US where the applicant intends to enroll. (Enclose a copy of the letter of admission)
  8. Sources to finance your education including financial aid and loans. (Enclose copies of letters of financial aid, loan documents, bank statements and I-20 Form from the University where the applicant is enrolling)
  9. A letter of recommendation from one of your most recent lecturers, Professors etc. explaining your academic accomplishments and justifying financial need to receive TANA Foundation Scholarship. Emphasis on justification of financial need is essential. 
  10. A signed applicant's statement that you promise to support, through TANA Foundation, a new Telugu student from Andhra Pradesh within three years, and that you promise to be in touch with TANA Foundation on half yearly basis until such promise is fulfilled. 
  11. TANA Foundation's Scholarship check will be paid directly to the University where student is planning to enroll. Checks will not be issued in the name of the recipient.

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