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Spirit of Ramanujan Math Talent Initiative 2017

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open31-Oct-2017
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What is Spirit of Ramanujan Math Talent Initiative 2017?

Ken Ono, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Mathematics at Emory University along with Templeton World Charity Foundation and Expii have announced the Spirit of Ramanujan Math Talent Initiative 2017. It is an international talent search for undiscovered mathematicians who lack traditional institutional support.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Anyone who is interested in solving creative mathematical puzzles can apply.

How can you apply ?

In order to apply, follow the given steps -
Step 1- Click here to sign up and create an account.
Step 2- Once signed up, solve the puzzles given there.

Note- Top scorers from all over the world will be invited to submit an application. If one gets the invitation then follow the steps given below to proceed.

Step 3- Click here to fill in the application.
Step 4- Click on Submit after filling all the details.

Terms and Conditions

Application Materials Required -

Submit the following items online -

  • Cover Letter which summarizes a candidate's dreams, goals and wishes. This letter should explain how an award would be used.
  • The statement which offers examples of a candidate's accomplishments and mathematical creativity.
  • Two reference letters
  • Publication List (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic Transcripts (unofficial ok)

Award details -

The Spirit of Ramanujan Math Talent Initiative strives to find undiscovered mathematicians around the world and match them with advancement opportunities. These include -

  • An open round hosted on (via its Solve feature) invites people worldwide to solve creative mathematical puzzles through their smartphones.
  • Participants in the open round will be invited to apply for further enrichment. Up to 20 eligible individuals will be awarded Templeton-Ramanujan Scholarly Development Prizes to use for furthering their educational pursuits and development. Successful applicants will be invited to participate in the Joint Mathematics Meetings, which will be held in Atlanta.There, they will engage with award-winning mathematicians (e.g., Fields Medalists, Cole Prize winners, Steele Prize winners, etc.) Organized by the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society, the JMM is the largest annual mathematics conference in the world. Its purpose is to advance mathematical achievement, encourage research, and provide the communication necessary to progress in the field.
  • In the spirit of Ramanujan, up to 10 participants will be offered financial support to attend and participate in approved summer research in mathematics. They will receive a Templeton-Ramanujan Summer Fellows Prize to cover summer program expenses.
  • Educational materials related to Srinivasa Ramanujan and The Man Who Knew Infinity will be offered to interested educational programs.

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