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SOF International Company Secretaries Olympiad (ICSO) 2016-17

Deadline: 04-Sep-2016

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SOF International Company Secretaries Olympiad (ICSO) 2016-17 will be conducted on 2 dates i.e,. 15th Sept & 4th Oct 2016.

The ICSO is being launched in partnership with The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, a statutory body under an Act of Parliament, under the administrative control of The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.

Registration of Students: The International Company Secretaries Olympiad is open to the students of classes 11 and 12. Students from Science, Commerce & Humanities stream may participate in the ICSO. Prospectus containing the Registration forms are sent to all schools registered with SOF. Schools not registered may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail at /phone call. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF (SRF& SRS), duly filled in and complete in all respects by the due date.

SOF will generate the students' Roll Numbers as per the guidelines given. The roll number slips will be sent to the respective schools in soft / hard copy.

Foundation will register the applicant school and the students and dispatch question papers and guidelines for conducting the examination. Principals / teachers may please note that any school can be registered as a center for ICSO. No fee is required from the institution to become a registered examination Centre. A minimum of 10 students need to be registered from each school for feasibility reasons.

The ICSO will be conducted on 2 dates i.e,. 15th Sept & 4th Oct 2016.

Each school may select a date for conducting the ICSO as per its convenience. Each date of exam has a separate question paper.

Students should register through their respective schools only. Individual registrations by students is not accepted.

A nominal participation fee is charged from each student. Part of it is retained by the school for its expenses as exam center. Details about the fee / mode of payment etc. are given in the School Registration Forms sent to schools.


Students of classes 11 and 12 are eligible to apply.


SOF does not encourage individual participation. Students have to register through their schools only.


ICSO Exam Syllabus

CLASS Topic/ Section No. of questions Marks per Question Marks
11 & 12 Quantitative Analysis/ Reasoning 15 1 15
Economics 10 1 10
Business Studies 10 1 10
Accountancy  10 1 10
Achievers Section 5 3 15
TOTAL 50   60


Total Questions : 50                                                                                                Time: 1 hr


Section – 1 :Sets and relations, Functions, Complex numbers and Quadratic Equations, A.P. & G.P., Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Linear inequality, Verbal and Non- Verbal Reasoning.

Section – 2 :Indian Economics, Statistics

Section – 3 :Nature and Purpose of Business; Forms of Business Organisations; Public, Private and Global Enterprises; Business Services.

Section – 4 :Introduction to Accounting, Basic Accounting terms, Theory Base of Accounting, Recording of Transaction, Ledger and Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Depreciation, Bills of Exchange.

Section – 5 :Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Section-2, Section-3 and Section-4.


Total Questions : 50                                                                                            Time : 1 hr.


Section – 1 :Sets and Relations, Functions, Complex numbers & Quadratic Equations, A.P & G.P, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Linear Inequality, Matrices & Determinants, Limits & Derivatives, Applications of Derivatives, Verbal and Non- Verbal Reasoning.

Section – 2 :Indian Economics, Statistics, Micro, Macro.

Section – 3 :Nature and Significance of Management, Principles of Management, Business environment, Planning, Function of Management, Financial Management.

Section – 4 :Introduction to Accounting, Theory Base of Accounting, Recording of Transaction, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Depreciation, Provision and Reserves, Bills of Exchange, Rectification of Errors, Financial statement for sole proprietorship/Not-For-Profit organisation, Accounting for Partnership Firms, Accounting for Companies, Analysis of Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Statements.

Section – 5 :Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Section – 2, Section – 3 and Section – 4.

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